To modernize the naval and air forces, to complete the medical reform, to apply for EU membership and to continue enshrining the Ukrainian as a single state language. The main theses of Petro Poroshenko’s program, official and real biography, the declared property and the ability of the politician to tell the truth – about this and more in the section “Candidates” from Opinion

We have created this section for you to have an opportunity to make conscious, objective and most importantly – your own decision in the presidential election this spring. Telling about each candidate, we turn to the official biography, open sources, emotionlessly scrutinize the program promises and the reality of their fulfillment. 

We have planned materials about 12 candidates who have the highest chances according to the data of sociological companies. To avoid manipulation, the texts order has been defined alphabetically.  

What is the candidate’s program this time?

The candidate named this year’s program “Great State of free and happy people”. From its very outset, Poroshenko stressed that the main goal is joining the European Union and NATO.

The solid foundation of a great power

In this section, the theses of the program are closely intertwined with the accomplishments that Poroshenko managed to achieve during his presidential term. Alongside this, the candidate gives new promises. The key one of them is to continue the course towards returning the occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and the Crimea by political and diplomatic means.

According to the politician, the improvement of social security for the military is coming. The state will also support families of combatants.

The candidate also guarantees the creation of a missile defense and anti-aircraft defense system and the modernization of the Ukrainian naval and air forces.

From overcoming poverty to sustainable development

Poroshenko names overcoming poverty one of his main tasks. He asserts that wages will increase, and alongside it will pensions do. Social support will be provided to lonely elderly people, people with disabilities and large families.

The candidate promises to develop education and science according to European standards. Teachers can expect an increase in salaries and the opportunity to learn advanced techniques abroad. In order to improve English courses, Poroshenko promises to bring native speakers to work in schools.

The politician is intended to successfully complete medical reform. At the same time, a program of medical institutions’ reconstructions should begin. The candidate promises to increase wages for doctors as well as for educators.

The Ukrainian language should continue being enshrined as a single state language. Poroshenko, obviously, is going to do this by supporting cultural projects of domestic production.

Breakthrough and qualitative changes in the economy

In this section, Poroshenko promises to focus on those sectors of the economy, where Ukraine can become a leader. In particular, the candidate pays attention to the IT sector, assuring that he can turn it into the entire creative industry.

Poroshenko also plans to develop the agrarian sector, focusing on the creation of processing enterprises, improvement of infrastructure for producers of agricultural products and protection of owners’ rights.

Modernization of the transport infrastructure is also in the plans of the politician. The candidate plans to do it at the expenses of national, international and private funds.

The world only starts opening Ukraine at least that’s what Petro Poroshenko says, he also adds: the state will support initiatives aimed at developing tourism.

What can we know about him from the CEC and his official biography?

On the website of the Central Election Commission, as usual, we can find a little: the candidate was born in the city of Bolhrad, Odesa region, has a higher degree, lives in Kyiv, and runs for the presidency as a self-nominee.

We can find more in the official biography of Poroshenko that was published on the website of the President of Ukraine. So, the candidate graduated from Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University with a major in “International Economic Relations”, served in the army and continued his studies as a post-graduate student of his native department.

In 1993 Poroshenko became general director of Ukrprominvest, and in 1998 he got into the Ukrainian parliament for the first time. As an MP he becomes deputy chairman of the National Bank and chairman of the committee on the budget. In 2000-2002 – headed the Solidarity faction.

About six months, Petro Poroshenko was holding the position of secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. Then the other successful elections to the Verkhovna Rada in 2006. However, in 2009, the politician becomes Minister for Foreign Affairs, and in 2012 he heads the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

2012 – Poroshenko becomes a People’s Deputy again, and on May 25, 2014, during an extraordinary election, he was elected a President of Ukraine.

What wasn’t mentioned in the official biography?

The first steps in the entrepreneurial career of the future politician were made in the early 90ies when he was leading one of the associations of entrepreneurs. The business and the first million are the results of supplying cocoa beans to Ukraine. Later, the future politician bought several confectionery companies and united them into the Roshen group, which is now considered almost the largest sweets manufacturer in Ukraine.

The membership in the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine in 1998 is attributed to Poroshenko. By the way, the party was headed by Viktor Medvedchuk that year. However, Poroshenko himself refutes it, asserting that he has never joined this party.

In addition, in 2000, Petro Poroshenko created the Solidarity faction, and later on the same name party. It would be fine, but this party was de facto one of the co-founders of the notorious Party of Regions. However, the politician left this party quite quickly.

Already next year Solidarity became part of Viktor Yushchenko’s election bloc Our Ukraine, and Poroshenko himself headed the electoral headquarters. It was by the lists of the Yushchenko’s party that the candidate was twice elected as a people’s deputy.

What does the candidate own?

From the infographic, presented by the team of Slovo i Dilo resource, we find out that the candidate possesses the most impressive declaration, in comparison with his rivals. However, everything just falls into place, if you look at the enterprises that are the property of the politician.

Source: analytical portal Slovo i Dilo –

What did the candidate promise to make during the last presidential elections?

In the program, with which Poroshenko won the special presidential elections of 2014, the candidate promised to provide the reboot of authorities, decentralization and to make transparent the ownership of the media.

As for the language issue Poroshenko guaranteed to be guided by “Article 10 of the Constitution, which defines the Ukrainian language as a state language, but especially emphasizes the rights of the Russian language and guarantees the free development of all languages.

Poroshenko also set a priority on returning the occupied Crimea and the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In the same part, the politician spoke about “ways of cooperation with Russia, first of all economic, but taking into account the irreversibility of the European choice and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

How does this candidate keep his promises?

According to the research conducted by the resource Slovo i Dilo, Poroshenko has 379 promises on his balance, 44% of which he managed to fulfill. Instead, 113 promises of politician received the status of unfulfilled ones. You can find, a complete list of accomplished and ignored promises of this candidate following the link.

Source: analytical portal Slovo i Dilo –

Are there any scandals with the candidate?

Yes. For example, the politician is often reminded of his vacation at the Maldives from January 1 to 8, last year. Back then journalists assured that the president “blew” about half a million dollars on the islands. The administration of Poroshenko confirmed the trip, but they assured that it was a holiday for which the head of state paid from his own pocket.

No less often Poroshenko is reminded of his promise to finish the ATO quickly, which was given in 2014. The president himself apologized for the words publicly, agreeing that he gave rise to excessive expectations.

One more considerable indignation was caused by the situation when activists placed a banner in front of the CEC. It contained the names of BPP party members, who could have been involved in the murder of Kateryna Handziuk. Instead of talking to activists, Poroshenko just fled through the black entrance.

The most recent one is the scandal in the defense sector. In particular, it is about the deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleh Hladkovskyi, who is considered to be close to Poroshenko and appears in the investigation. Poroshenko fired Hladkovskyi and called for the punishment to all those guilty of embezzlement in the defense-complex.

By Dmytro Zhuravel

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