How I lost 35 kilograms

Four years ago, I lost 35 kilograms in three and a half months. Without much suffering and any psychological traumas. I did not have any nights when I gnashed my teeth from hunger. My skin isn’t sagging. My diet did not traumatize my health – rather the opposite. However, I want to warn you – I’m not a doctor, and therefore my method does not claim any professionalism or versatility.

I just want to remind everyone of the Golden rule: if you want to gain weight – start losing weight. That is if for some time you’ll restrain your body, decisively deny the excessive food to it, and after two weeks you get tired, say ‘enough’ and return to the old way of life, you will not only quickly return those kilos that you’ve managed to lose. No. Your hungry body will want to increase supplies – and you will come out of the ‘diet’ with bigger weight. So, weigh your capabilities, and most importantly – motivation.

So, about motivation. It – and not some kind of willpower – is the main driving force in the process of your weight loss. You want to wear a certain size of clothes. You want a certain person to like you. You want to look stunning at the beach. You want to make it just easier for you to carry yourself. There can be many options. And each of them is important to you. However, motivation is a very capricious lady. For those who once tried to lose weight, it’s no secret: the strongest motivation we have after a good high-calorie dinner when your eyes can’t help shutting, and the thoughts whisper sleepily: “and from tomorrow I’ll definitely…”

But there are three important devices that can keep your motivation in good shape almost constantly: scales, a pencil, and a notebook. If you do not have scales – go and buy it. Losing weight without them is like looking for a black cat in a dark room. Do not buy cheap scales – they often show whatever. You do not want to stand on them one day and find out that you gained 3 pounds overnight, although yesterday you did not eat anything forbidden. So, throw away the cheap scales. It is necessary to have reliable ones. It is necessary to weigh yourself every morning – after the known physiological procedures. Only in the morning, not in the afternoon and not in the evening, not after the pool or stadium. During the day we eat, drink, sweat – and weight may vary up to 1.5-2 kilograms. So, weigh yourself in the morning – and record it, weigh – a record. In a few days, you will be so pleased with the result that you will not want to give up the started thing halfway.

And this is not the only argument in favor of mandatory weighing – in addition to a wonderful incentive, the scales will also give you the necessary knowledge about the impact of certain products on your body. So, scales are a mandatory attribute of weight loss. Underline it three times.

Now about food. There are three groups of prohibited products:

– flour products (bread, rolls, gingerbread, cookies, etc.);

– sweets (candies, cakes, ice cream, etc);

– potato (hence, forget about borshch immediately).

I don’t have any bread or potatoes or candies at home. I just don’t buy them. But if you know yourself and you are fully aware that you cannot live without a bun with sesame seeds, it is unbearable for you, – eat it. One. A tiny one. And better half of it. 8 hours before bedtime. And better – 10. Remember: one sandwich with butter at 20:00 is able to cross out the whole day of your heroic culinary schism.

Liquid foods – a variety of soups, borshches, okroshkas, and solyankas – should be treated with great caution. I have repeatedly tested it on myself: the same products in the same amount affect the weight differently depending on whether they are eaten in liquid or dry form. That is, two handfuls of buckwheat cooked as porridge – and you lose weight. These same two handfuls cooked in soup, even if there are no potatoes – and you risk to gain weight. Soups – only in the morning and afternoon. In the evening rather not.

It is highly undesirable to consume sausages – there may be starch that will retain moisture and slow down the process of weight loss and in addition to starch, anything could be there. It is better to give up carbonated drinks – even buy water without gas. And factory juices should be treated with caution. A half-liter of some pulpy peach juice and your morning achievement is under threat. Don’t hit the bananas. Beware of grapes – they contain many different types of glucose which are absorbed easily. Also, multiple nuts are very caloric – you can only consume them in very small quantities. Not to mention the processed cheese, various ‘snacks-spreads’, fish paste, hummus, peanut butter, etc. You must not eat them by default. From alcohol, it is better to give preference to red dry wine. All other drinks are unfortunately high-calorie.

Now about what can be eaten. Almost everything. However, if you want to lose weight quickly, in record time, by the express method, here are four main components:

– meat (low-fat varieties: chicken, beef, turkey; no skin! no geese or ducks!);

– eggs (boiled or omelet);

– buckwheat;

– vegetables and fruits (except bananas, dates, and grapes).

The first three days it is desirable to eat only fruit and vegetables plus low-fat kefir. The next three days, add the buckwheat. And then – these all with meat. You will get a good start. After two weeks, treat yourself with cheese, half a bar of dark chocolate and something else that you love. Homemade yogurt is a wonderful thing. Leaven is sold in every supermarket. Half a half-liter jar can be eaten at a time, with a teaspoon of sugar and any fruit. I will not talk about the amount and frequency – everyone has their own weight and their own daily routine. I checked everything with scales – and came to the necessary conclusions.

The important rule – do not eat before bedtime! 4 hours should be between dinner and sleep. Better 6. It is best to spend one hour walking in the fresh air.

Very important point – fewer spices! Salt retains moisture. Spices stimulate the appetite. The more neutral your lunch or dinner tastes, the less you will suffer from hunger attacks after.

Regarding these unfortunate attacks of hunger. Personally, I believe in the so-called rule of five minutes (I came up with it, I believed it): if you feel a dreadful hunger – take an apple from the kitchen. I know you will not want apples. You’ll dream of meatloaf or grilled cheese. But take an apple – eat it and drink water. Wait five minutes. The hunger will not disappear completely but will weaken. Still want a meatloaf? Take another apple. In five minutes, your hunger must recede. It doesn’t? There should always be apples in your kitchen.

But most importantly – remember during bouts of strong hunger: after having something forbidden, after half an hour you will feel not a rush of warm pleasure, comfort, but heaviness in the stomach, remorse, frustration (because tomorrow you will have to overcome new boundaries, only to make up for the lost ones), and also the pity that time only moves in one direction and it is not possible to rewind it.

Now, about the compromises. Each of us has his own limit of patience and his own threshold of sensitivity. So, if you really want to eat a piece of smoked sausage – go ahead! But eat it in the day. Take it, cut and eat it – it is better than waiting for hunger to reach its climax at 23 o’clock in the evening, and uncontrollably eat the whole stick together with a good half of the content of the refrigerator. Your body is not a spring that needs to be tested for endurance. No, it just needs to be skillfully deceived. It’s actually a struggle of spirit and flesh. Fool the flesh.

Regarding physical activity. Maybe someone will be very surprised, but I only walked. I did not even run. No gyms, no swimming pools, no exercises. And over time, I even stopped walking – and the weight still kept decreasing if I ate the right products.

So, the one who goes will reach the point. A very wise friend of my mother once said, “The main rule of any diet is to SHUT YOUR MOUTH.” That’s what I wish for everyone eager to throw off the surplus. If, of course, it is indeed the surplus. Because often the mirror shows us not as we really are. But this is another difficult question. This is “one of those equations where all variables are unknown.”

Serhiy Osoka

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