The outgoing week seems to have triggered “Oplot” tank of Ukroboronprom production: the president is chased by nationalists nearly at every corner, all power structures turned their backs at the plunder in the defense industry, meanwhile, Zelensky and Tymoshenko as if hid, are tasting the scandal.

For visual guidance, we selected the photos of military armed vehicles that were produced or modernized in Ukroboronprom factories. There could be even more units of such machinery but for corruption in the authority circles. In the meantime, we can observe these vehicles in images, but not in sufficient quantities at the front or near state borders.

The saga of corruptive scandal in Ukroboronprom is coming to an end. Unfortunately, not because suspects were arrested and taken to a detention center, and the documents to prove them guilty are already prepared. But because all power structures (literally all) have refrained from being involved with the plunder and closed the cases for 20-50 thousand dollars.

The State Bureau of Investigations (almost the only one which has not yet “screwed in this scandal”) will check the alleged involvement of NABU director Artem Sytnik in concealing corruption schemes in the defense sector.

Earlier, the director of NABU, Artem Sytnik, said that he seriously takes the possibility of dismissal of the employees of the bureau mentioned in the investigation of the program “Our money with Denys Bihus”.

Attorney General Yurii Lutsenko said that the GPU received correspondence to the participants of the journalists’ investigation into defense sector plunder from the phones of Andrii Rohoza and Vitalii Zhukov (in 2017), however, the journalists didn’t show them all the dialogues.

“For instance, my prosecutors say that Bihus disclosed the dialogues between Zhukov and Pavlo Bukin – he seems to be the current CEO of Ukroboronprom – which don’t exist on these three phones,” Lutsenko said.

However, the examination confirmed that downloaded correspondence from the phones of Rohoza and Zhukov was not mounted and had no external interference.

After this, Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko said that the journalist Denys Bihus cracked the codes with the materials of the case about thefts in the defense sphere. Thus, Lutsenko once again accused journalists of investigation disruption.

According to the Prosecutor General, the GPU didn’t delay the investigation of the case but was waiting for the completion of tax audits of enterprises – those involved in criminal proceedings.

The saying says – promises are made to be broken. So what, until the next presidential elections “the boys” will chill out?

There are less than three weeks left for Ukraine’s presidential elections. We still have to survive them.

“We gave Poroshenko a week so he used the last valid right in Ukraine: took a phone and ordered his footmen – judges and prosecutors – to arrest these bastards,” Rodion Kudryashov, one of the leaders of the National Corps, said on Monday, March 11.

Under “these bastards” he meant the close friends and business partners of the current president, Petro Poroshenko, Oleh Hladkovsky with his son Ihor, who are the participants of a fat corruption scandal.

The threat of the Azovs could be neglected as one of the hundreds of empty claims unless the events in Cherkasy on March 9 which had followed them.

Now the election campaign is divided into a phase “before” the nationalists’ attempt to break through the meeting of Poroshenko and the “after” it phase, Ukrainska Pravda writes.

But the events in Cherkasy (when the Azovs broke through the fence and forced the head of the state to flee) were not the last ones to spoil the nerves of Mr. Petro. If in Cherkassy he was dealing with a spontaneous rebellion, then in Zhytomyr he already faced an organized action.

There, the nationalists gently mixed up with the crowd of supporters of the current president. They didn’t bug the police, they didn’t violate public order.

When Poroshenko stepped on the stage, they simultaneously raised posters with the inscriptions “#СвинарчуківПорошенка за ґрати(Poroshenko’s Svynarchuks to throw in jail – ED) and tried to shout over his speech with the cries “shame”.

According to the interlocutors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Poroshenko was in a rage. In his own irritating manner, the president shouted why the police didn’t touch the nationalists and didn’t take their posters away.

The president’s team is worried that such a “winding up”, besides the announced demands for punishment of corrupt officials of the defense sector, may have completely political motives – since the elections are approaching, the spring is getting tighter, and the president needs to take another dozen trips to western Ukraine. And there won’t be a warm bath.

Meanwhile, the Russians don’t mind taking advantage of the political-pre-election crisis in Ukraine. Commissioner of the Council of Europe Dunja Mijatovic called on the Verkhovna Rada to postpone voting for the language law until the end of the presidential election. She sees this problem as not urgent for our country. The same Dunja, while working in the OSCE, accused Ukraine of what is happening in the occupied territories.

“Therefore, dear Dunja Mijatovych, Ukraine has already put the language law on ice plenty of times, so that Donbas and Crimea became occupied. We thank you for the wise advice not to hurry with the bill, but we have our business to do. Excuse us,” Ukrainian analyst Oleksiy Minakov answered.

We have our business to do also due to the fact that in February 2019, the number of Ukrainians who think good or very good of Russia has increased by 9 percentage points and now it is 57%.

“It is possible, of course, to explain this as a classic manifestation of the Stockholm syndrome – psychologists are well aware of such a phenomenon – when the victim starts to sympathize with the aggressor because of excitement and trauma of the psyche. But, as for me, it is also a matter of the fact that Ukrainians simply forgot that in their country there is a war, that Crimea and Donbas were robbed of them, that soldiers are being killed at the front,” Minakov added.

So, it is too early to get relaxed and apathetically watch Ukraine form aside. We have to defend it: if not with a rifle in hands so at least with a sharp word and a clear position in mind.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через техніку «Укроборонпрому»Boeing 737

While the world is banning the new model Boeing 737 after two air crashes, the UIA has decided to replenish its own park with infamous planes. At the same time, the company argues that the priority for them “has always been and remains the safety of our passengers on board.” And how this oxymoron lives in the heads of the airlines’ directors, is unknown, because the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) temporarily banned the operation of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. This happened after Ethiopian Airlines crashed in Ethiopia on March 10th taking a flight to Nairobi, Kenya. There were 149 passengers and 8 crew members on board. All of them died.

Victims of the air crash were citizens of more than 30 countries. The cause of the disaster is still unknown.

As far as UIA want to stand aside from the civilized world (to take at least a low-level service, and prices – like in the top airlines), Ukraine is already closely integrated into the agenda of the earth’s atmosphere.

In New Zealand, on March 15, a group of unknowns arranged shooting at two mosques in Christchurch after prayer events. The shooting resulted in 49 casualties and one of the attackers had the words in “Pavlo Serhiyovych” written in Ukrainian on his rifle. However, who owns this name is still unknown. He unveiled the manifesto – a document of 73 pages. The manifesto is full of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric. It also explains the motives behind the attack.

The alleged attacker calls himself an “ethnic-nationalist eco-fascist,” formerly a communist, anarchist, and libertarian.

We really can’t hide from terrorism, because the shootings by the Russians in Donbas and the capturing of the Ukrainian sailors are recognized as terrorism. Sailors and officers of the Ukrainian Naval Forces are staying behind the bars in Moscow for more than 110 days. This week, the United Nations recognized Ukrainian sailors captured by Russia as the prisoners of war. It is prohibited to press on the prisoners of war, intimidate them and refuse the necessary medical assistance. And what is Russia? On Friday, they decided that Ukraine and the EU should pay for Crimea. This was stated by the big shot (at least for Russians), the head of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Volodin. According to him, Ukraine treated Crimea “very dishonorably”.

“Violations of the fundamental rights of citizens – the right to language, the right to get an education in their own language – destroyed the economy of Crimea and Sevastopol; in fact, annexation,” Volodin said.

He noted that it is necessary to instruct the State Duma profile committees to analyze and calculate “Crimea’s shortfalls in the economy” Ukraine had made.

“Through our parliamentary structures, European structures, we will take and oblige Ukraine to compensate for what Crimea lost during these 25 years,” the State Duma speaker said, stressing that this should be done urgently.

Russia believes that the best defense is an attack. And they don’t need to defend themselves now: the European Union has imposed sanctions against the eight Russians for Russia’s aggression in the Kerch Strait. Now they can’t travel to Europe. Interestingly enough, the FSB and the military officers couldn’t do it whatsoever according to the local laws. Serious pressure from partners, otherwise you won’t say.

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