Wednesday, 28 October

On the fifth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin came to the occupied peninsula.

Putin opened two blocks at Balaklava and Tavriyskaya TPPs in the Crimea, traditionally speaking in support of the annexation.

“March 18 is a landmark day for Sevastopol, for the Crimea, and for the whole country. Five years ago, the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia took place, and then, in 2014, we realized that there is a lot of work ahead. So today, this work, goes according to plan, consistently, systematically, “- said the president of the Russian Federation.

Putin called the introduction of new energy facilities “an important step in strengthening the energy security of the Crimean peninsula.”

According to the president of the Russian Federation, in 2014, its own generation on the Crimean peninsula was 160 MW.

“This was not even enough in the light of supplies from Ukraine, it was clearly not enough for the stable work and supply of electricity in residential buildings, hospitals, schools and even more so for the development of the Crimean peninsula,” he added.

“Today, the total amount of energy consumption in the Crimea is about 1000-1100 MW. Given the introduction of new facilities, the total energy resource of Crimea and Sevastopol will be about 2070 MW. Such volumes will be sufficient not only to cover their own needs, taking into account the development plans of the Crimean peninsula but and, if necessary, for transfer to neighboring regions, “Putin said.

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