Former Crimean president Yuriy Meshkov was arrested for two days by Central District Court of Simferopol controlled by Kremlin for “fighting back the police officers,” Ataman of “Crimean Cossacks” Sergei Akimov said.

“Meshkov was given two days of arrest for disrespecting a policeman, of which two hours will be given to him when he was detained on the 18th,” Akimov said.

Russian security forces arrested Yuriy Meshkov in Simferopol on March 18, at the behest of an unknown person that the former Crimean president was allegedly in a state of drug intoxication. Later, as a result of the examination, according to Meshkov, traces of alcohol or drug intoxication were not found.

Yuriy Meshkov is a Crimean politician and lawyer, the first and only president of Crimea (1994-1995), the formal chairman of the Crimean Council of Ministers (1994).

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