Today, the leader of the Radical Party Oleh Lyashko together with the representatives of his faction broke into the Cabinet meeting shouting, “Why did you prolong the contract with Kobolyev?”. The people’s deputy demanded to cancel this decision, though.. it hasn’t even been accepted yet. Read about Lyashko’s storming of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine accompanied by pensioners in the reactions from Opinion.

In order not to retell the dialogue between Volodymyr Groysman and Oleh Lyashko to avoid any misunderstandings, we offer a quick look at the video from the Cabinet meeting. You can watch it from 20:30.

Lyashko even posted a separate message about a pensioner allegedly “beaten by Groysman”. He said that he came together with Mrs. Tetiana to the meeting, but the Cabinet security did not just keep them out, but also beat the elderly person. The finale of the blockbuster is positive – they managed to break through.

However, according to the people’s deputy, they broke through with the fight. And further, he states as usual about the robbery of people, his first decrees as the President (for this purpose you still need to win the election, Mr. Oleh), the power of marauders and similar catchphrases of the “radical”.

However, it is necessary to somehow coordinate the messages and words with the members of your party. Because Ihor Mosiichuk, for example, wrote that security “tried to beat” people, instead of “beat them”.

Another people’s deputy from the Radical Party Serhii Rybalka noted that the pensioner was just… not allowed to enter the government building. So, it is better to stop searching for the posts of other members of the team of Mr. Oleh. Because it might turn out that in reality the security of the Cabinet of Ministers treated Mrs. Tetiana with tea and gave her a tour of the building.

The Prime Minister has not yet commented on Lyasko’s sudden visit on the network, but his press secretary Vasyl Riabchuk posted two photos. The first one showed who beat whom. The second one featured the Lyashko-bus.

The people’s deputy Vadym Denysenko praised the creativity of such a maneuver with the pensioner, whom the security had no right to let in.

The adviser to the head of the National Police General Directorate in Odesa oblast Ruslan Forostiak was indignant at the behavior of the politician and emphasized that he can’t be indifferent to the situations when people jerk policemen’s sleeves, kick and insult them. He said such actions require evaluation from society. Right, as well as the actions of policemen in some other situations. Oh, what am I talking about?

The journalist Milan Lelich awesomely described everything that happened inside the building. Just imagine a soccer match where after Liashko’s attack Volodymyr Groysman played a powerful defense and a sudden counterattack. The judge says the score is 1:1.

The financier and the president of the investment group “Univer” Taras Kozak called the storming of the Cabinet of Ministers a circus show in which Lyashko advised… “not to turn everything into a circus.”

On the other hand, all this can be perceived as a master class of crisis communications. There is even a whole plan of action.

Oleksandr Snidalov, the activist of the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands, made several other conclusions: the activity of the members of the Radical Party is a great compliment and a reliable indicator of the fight against corruption. First – Lyashko, now – Kobolyev.

Reactions were collected and nobody was beaten by Stepan the Goat

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