The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine is investigating whether the deliberate law enforcement agencies of our country “poured” financial statements during the 2016 US presidential campaign on the then head of the Truman Paul Manaforth campaign, trying to influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, reports The Hill.

The leak of records of the so-called “black bookkeeping” in the US media, also known as the “banner book” of the Party of Regions, resulted in Manaforth’s resignation from the Donald Trump campaign and led to one of the key accusations of investigating a conspiracy with Russia that has been pursued by Trump over the past two and a half years .

According to The New York Times, in the “black bookkeeping” the name Manaforth is mentioned 22 times. In general, payments were made in the amount of $ 12.7 million during 2007-2012.

According to Lutsenko, the investigation was initiated after the Ukrainian MP published an audio recording quoting the words of a senior law enforcement officer that his agency “corroded” financial reports of Manaforth to help Clinton campaign. The deputy also received a court ruling that the leak was “an illegal invasion of the American electoral campaign.” Lutsenko said the record was a rather serious statement to open an investigation, and one of his problems was that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies had frequent contacts with the US embassy during the Obama administration in Kyiv. “Today we will start a criminal investigation into this matter and give a legal assessment of this information,” Yurii Lutsenko said.

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