Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

March is coming to an end. The weather corresponds to the season, showing already more sun, fewer clouds, stronger winds, fewer “minuses” and fresh nights. From time to time, even April degrees pop up to lure us into dreams of real warmth and green leaflets. In short, March is working hard. How will it end?

After a cool week, the warming is expected on March 22-23 when the air temperature at night drops to zero or even lower. The maximum air temperature during the day will be +10 +15 degrees. The north-eastern part of Ukraine will remain the coldest, in Sumy and Kharkiv, it is expected to be +5 +9 degrees.

On March 22, the atmospheric front will cause periodic rain in most regions of Ukraine, only the southern part will fall under dry sunny weather.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On March 23, on the World Meteorological Day, and on March 24, significant precipitation in Ukraine is unlikely – the anticyclone will dominate.

At the beginning of the next week, on Monday, the warm weather will still hold. But the rains will come from the west, which during the day will spread to most through the territory of Ukraine, except for the eastern regions and the south.

In the future, the rains in Ukraine will increase, and the air temperature will begin to fall. Cooling will affect most regions. At night, it is expected from 4 degrees above zero to -4 degrees below zero, in the daytime, the thermometer scales will not exceed +5 +9 degrees.

At night, when the temperature of the air will approach zero degrees and below, the sleet is possible.

It will be damp and warm in Kyiv on March 22, it will be raining, and the temperature will reach +8 +10 degrees.

On March 23-24, on the weekend, significant precipitation in Kyiv is unlikely, it will get warmer by another few degrees, and the maximum is expected to be +10 +13 degrees.

On Monday, March 25, it will be still warm in the capital, it will be dry in the afternoon, and precipitation is likely in the evening.

From Tuesday, March 26, in Kyiv, as in most regions of Ukraine, a cold snap is expected. The decrease in the air temperature will be accompanied by periodic rains. Thermometer scales will hover around +7 degrees during the daytime and even die down to the night frost.

This is how unstable will be the end of March, which we still love and respect. After all, March always justifies our dreams of spring and brings the World Meteorological Day.

Natalka Didenko

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