I would like to finish the week with some good news, but… The ex-regional and presidential candidate Yuriy Boyko, together with the Russian president’s friend Viktor Medvedchuk… held talks on “economic issues” with the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the head of Gazprom. That’s the Friday we deserve. Details – in reactions from Opinion.

A journalist and editor of Censor.Net media Yurii Butusov is convinced that this way, Russia is demonstrating not just its candidates, but the construction of a new system of influence over Kyiv.

Butusov also noted that the negotiations were held on the day of the Security Service of Ukraine. Something similar happened when Medvedchuk’s party had a congress the same day with Poroshenko’s forum.

The web page of movement Chesno recalled that “negotiations” were broadcasted on 112 TV channel, which, as evidenced by journalistic investigations, is under Medvedchuk’s control, although formally it has another owner.

Oleksii Holobutskyi, a political technologist, suggested that in this way, Medvedchuk and Boyko demonstrated to the pro-Russian electorate that they are the only ones who “have access to the body” and resources for dialogue with the Kremlin.

Instead, the media consultant Dmytro Simanskyi believes that Boyko’s visit to Moscow plays into the hands of… Petro Poroshenko. He said that for the incumbent president, Boyko is the most convenient option in the second round of elections, and ex-regional can get there only campaigning for himself on TV channels like 112 and visiting Moscow with Medvedchuk.

However, political strategist Svitlana Masharovska believes that Poroshenko will receive a “direct ticket” to the second round if Boyko and Medvedchuk are arrested right after returning from the “negotiations”.

A blogger and civic activist Andrii Smolii believes that this way Russia “by means of consolidation of all pro-Russian elements tries to change the direction of Ukraine.” The author is convinced that the Kremlin’s goal is to make our country renounce its national policy, the course towards NATO and return to the Russian stall.

The meeting was also criticized by Serhiy Tsyhipa, a military expert.

Yevhen Burdatskyi, deputy editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Pravda, in general, appealed in his post to the SBU, asking whether Boyko and Medvedchuk would be allowed to enter Ukraine.  Or will they be detained at least?

An investment banker Sergey Fursa hopes for a “warm” welcome by Security Service for Boyko and Medvedchuk.

Bohdan Chervak, chairman of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, assessed Boyko’s visit to Moscow as a statement on the surrender of Ukraine in the event of his victory in the presidential election. In addition, the author also considers it necessary for the SBU to react to such a “trip”.

A journalist Kristina Berdynskykh told how Boyko’s headquarters refused to answer questions from her media. Then, along with her colleague Berdynskykh joked that perhaps the headquarters of the candidate is in Moscow, and it’s them, who will decide which media Boyko will talk to. Well, maybe, it wasn’t a joke?

A journalist Mariia Tsaturian focused on something different: who has allowed the presidential candidate to “negotiate” with Russian officials on gas and gas transit? After all, Boyko didn’t sign the contract.

Reactions were collected and better weekend was dreamt of by Stepan the Goat

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