Russian “court” in Rostov-on-Don sentenced Ukrainian political prisoner to six years in prison for allegedly inclining another person towards terrorist attack. After the verdict was announced, the Ukrainian informed about the start of the hunger strike, since neither doctors nor Lyudmyla Denisova had been allowed to see him. More information – in reactions from Opinion.

Lyudmyla Denisova, the Verkhovna Rada’s human rights commissioner, urged the international community to put more pressure on Russia because of the violation of Pavlo’s right to life and a fair trial. According to Denisova, during his stay in the Rostov pre-trial detention facility, Pavlo Hryb got seriously sick and requires skilled examination and treatment.

The Ombudswoman addressed the heads of international organizations with a request to intervene in the situation and to protect the rights of Pavlo Hryb.

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has also reacted to the verdict of the “court”. He is convinced that mercy, humanity, and dignity are concepts that are unknown to the occupying state. The minister also urged the civilized world to put pressure on Russia in order to release Pavlo as soon as possible.

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine expressed strong protest in connection with the illegal decision of the “court”, assuring that the Russian side grossly violated the norms and principles of international law. The ministry emphasizes: this decision of the RF violates the right to a fair trial and the right to life.

The webpage of the embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus (where the Ukrainian political prisoner was abducted) duplicated the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In addition to this, was added the following: Ukraine continues to use all possible political and diplomatic levers to release Pavlo and other Ukrainians, who are illegally convicted for political motives in the territory of the Russian Federation and temporarily occupied Crimea.

A doctor Vasyl Prytula, in his turn, appealed to everyone who has contact with Pavlo, to persuade him to refrain from a hunger strike. After all, such a decision is pure death, and you can fight for justice only when you’re alive. The doctor’s request was also duplicated by the father of the political prisoner.

Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov also wrote about the fact that the hunger strike is very risky for Pavlo. The lawyer hopes that Hryb will be able to withstand this and those who are involved in capturing and fabricating cases against Ukrainian prisoners of war will bear responsibility for this.

And finally. In short, but as good as possible – post by the people’s deputy Iryna Podolyak.

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