Profession is a relative thing

There are many people who officially work as lawyers, builders, long-distance drivers, political scientists, markshaders, teachers, journalists and accountants. But some of them perfectly embroider, put bricks, ‘read’ trees, are able to teach young people, recognize all flowers, impeccably put bandages and brilliantly analyze economic labyrinths.

We live different lives but when this ‘tree reading’ takes place in a forest, legal assistance to the weak and poor is done professionally and with joy, the house will stand up to the great-grandchildren, the treatment will help to heal, and the queue for your tasty cakes will make you happy – then this coincidence of opportunities and desires at one point seems to be called happiness.

March 23th marks World Meteorological Day.

I once decided to get the profession of the meteorologist, because I listened to romantic impressions, introductory exams fit me, it was easy to study, the outdoor practice was filled with fun student events.

But when I began working, everything turned out not so fun and clear.

From the inside, I am philologist, a lyric poet so to say, and to learn physics of atmosphere, a bunch of weird formulas, to work with a dry cartography, soil science and meteorological instruments – these all turned out to be too far from the young, girlish, not to mention lyric, professional hopes.

But life knows what to do and if you can do something, want and love, sooner or later you will find the right path.

When after many years of work I changed the work in the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center for the work in media, needless to say, that I was scared. I was already forty years at that time, the age when a person comfortable lies on their life laurels isn’t going to look around too much, calmly and comfortable does what is needed. But these calm and comfort are insincere.

Because your inner aspiration, eagerness and abilities dreamed in the lair for a long time bringing neither you nor people the joy and value.

I finally chanced to bring education, incredibly interesting, perspective and helpful for people, meteorology together with my ‘philologocal’ abilities.

I am not going to recollect all opportunities and perspectives of meteorology, tell how the weather forecast is made and how the knowledge of the synoptical situation can affect not only the life of a person but also the fate of a village, town and even a country. This all can be read on the Internet.

I just want to share with you some of my theses of love for the profession.


The meteorologist always lives in the future, holding tight to the present day. The specificity of the weather forecast for the near future sometimes makes you fall out of the calendar mode, but allows you to be always protected from any surprises of the day.


There is no day alike, each is different and interesting. As there are no two absolutely identical meteorological situations, two identical drops of rain, clouds or snowstorms, same in everyday life, the weather forecaster has a full range of different impressions, events, and feelings. Depending on the synoptic situation. And this makes life more meaningful.


The weather forecaster, thanks to the profession, has a lot of acquaintances and friends. No matter what they say. In times of open borders and the visa-free regime, people still want to know the future weather of the coming vacation or business trip from the living professionals, not a soulless gadget. And given the weight restrictions of the hand luggage, it’s important to know what to take with you and what to throw away. The Ukrainians are highly interested in the weather at the weekends in the dacha-gardening period. Not to mention plans for kebabs, bathing-sunbathing and the likelihood of a severe thunderstorm with a shower during a short summer rest. And here the weather forecaster’s communication skilled enhances by many times.


The sense of humor, tolerance, and endurance are honed every day. Because for more than thirty years I listen to a joke about Сhukchi on the hunt addressed to me. Immediately after New Year, the mass questions about the weather on Easter Day began to arise. After Easter – about the heatwave which will burn everything down. And at the beginning of the autumn, I receive requests to comment on the coming frosts at -50 degrees that will cover the whole Earth. And every time I have to smile at the joke, patiently explain the impossibility of such a long-term forecast and tolerantly treat all “city insane”, sincere and pretty ignoramuses.


The weather forecaster objectively can’t but worry about the credibility of their forecast. His work is in sight around the clock. And this circumstance for many years of life in the profession forms compassion, responsibility, care for others, reduces selfishness and increases interest in the processes of public life.

I genuinely believe that World Meteorological Day is not just a holiday of a bunch of professionals.

This is a universal holiday, the significance of which is important for diplomatic spoken etiquette, and for the broken ice heel, for suburban strawberries, and for a solid home, for the health of the child, and for the fate of all mankind.

I hearty congratulate everyone on World Meteorological Day!

Natalka Didenko

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