The London court has imposed on Gazprom additional obligations not to conceal and not withdraw its assets from the jurisdictions of England and the Netherlands. Such a decision of the High Court of England was commented on by the press service of Naftogaz of Ukraine.

Thus, on March 15, a hearing was held in the Commercial Court of England on the enforcement of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the transit business between Naftogaz and Gazprom in the territory of England and Wales.

“The London court ruled that the enforcement of the Stockholm arbitration award could be carried out after the decision of the Court of Appeal of the County of Svea, subject to certain actions by Gazprom,” the NJC quoted the English court.

Recall that in January the High Court of Amsterdam closed the hearing on the implementation of the Stockholm arbitration award, in particular regarding the compulsory collection of assets of Gazprom in the Netherlands.

As the director of Naftogaz Yurii Vitrenko reminded, the value of these assets exceeds 2.7 billion USD, which Gazprom is obliged to pay Naftogaz by arbitration.

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