How to wear brooches

For years brooches have been some poor cousins in our wardrobe. Almost every woman has a pair or three of brooches of unknown origin lying somewhere in the furthest drawer. But how long ago did you show them to the world? You don’t remember?

And that’s a mistake! Because in recent years, brooches have been one of the most trendy accessories. A few years ago it was very popular to wear short beads with large elements underneath a collar of a shirt or over a sweater, but now this trend is finally gone. If you see a girl with a big necklace on top of a collared shirt, rest assured, her image was inspired by at least seven-year-old photos from fashion blogs. Because contemporary fashion offers to unbutton the collar of the shirt and put one or two thin pendant chain necklaces on the bare skin.

And if you want to leave the shirt collar buttoned, it is better to decorate it this way! With a brooch!

Як носити брошки

It is worth noting here right away: although the actress Amber Heard on the photo on the right wears a precious diamond brooch, and it costs much more than your car, you are not obliged to anything. Brooches absolutely should not be extremely costly, costume jewelry also has the right to exist.

More than that! Despite the fact that our women love golden jewelry, the best proof to which is that jewelry shops are at every step and they do not go bankrupt even in difficult times, still precious brooches are almost out of demand here. Rings, earrings, bracelets – there’s plenty of them. But there are barely any brooches. There is no tradition of wearing brooches, and it is not only the Ukrainian specifics. Experts of the jewelry market say that the countries of Eastern Europe, especially of the former USSR, are so unpromising in terms of sales of brooches that large Western jewelry brands barely bring them here – there is no point.

But if the purchase of a valuable brooch that costs as a small apartment is not included in your plans, then this situation is only for your benefit. There is no tradition of wearing diamond brooches, so all the brooches that can be seen on our streets are costume jewelry. And inexpensive democratic brooches that only pretend to be jewelry, or do not even pretend at all, just made of simple materials – wood, plastic, or even papier-mache – this all is quite normal. It is not perceived as a fake, does not look like a fake bag with a loud logo and crooked seams. An inexpensive brooch is perceived as a stylish accessory if it is really stylish and well-matched to the outfit.

The point of brooches is not to show your financial situation. The point is to demonstrate your taste. To come up with a creative, extraordinary image characteristic for you. For example, to wear not just one brooch, but two at the same time. As you can see, this technique can be used to adorn both an evening dress and an everyday sweater.

Як носити брошки

And where there are two – there is a whole bunch. It is because the brooches we use are not precious, not very expensive, they look great when there is a whole cluster of them. Such images are offered by leading designers in this year collections.

Як носити брошки

What else could the brooches be made of in addition to the classic ones made of glass and metal? The brooches in the shape of bows or jabots from soutache or satin ribbon are very popular. They can be worn under the collar of a shirt or on the lapel of a jacket or coat. And don’t peddle here. A bow can be quite large. And there may be not just one, but a couple or three.

Як носити брошки

Feathers are a very relevant theme of this season. Everything is decorated with feathers: both clothing and shoes. Of course, things with feathers look very extravagant, you can’t wear them to work. But a large brooch of feathers can momentarily turn a basic modest dress into a super-fashionable outfit, which you can happily wear wherever you want – to the opera, to the reception, to the wedding. Just unfasten the brooch in the morning – and go in the same dress to the office.

Як носити брошки

Where can you get such brooches? It is possible that right now, while you’re reading these lines, your next-door neighbor creates another masterpiece of the brooch art. We have a lot of skilled craftsmen with hands of gold and excellent taste, and they create trendy stylish brooches for every taste. Buy one and you won’t be able to stop!

How else can you wear brooches? You can pin a scarf around your neck with a brooch, it is very trendy, and we wrote about it last time. Some girls even wear brooches to adorn their hair. Of course, this option is not for everyone, it requires effort. It is much easier to attach a brooch on the belt or just at the waist of a dress. Accentuating the waist is a trend again, so why not do it with a brooch?

Як носити брошки

You can also pin a brooch on the bag. Or even not one brooch, but again the whole company. Or to a glove, but not the one we wear in winter to keep warm. But to a thin, barely visible one, worn purely as a stylish fad. These gloves are of course quite a whim of the jaded fashion crowd, but if we choose to lose our mind, then why not with a brooch on top.

Як носити брошки

If you think that the author is somewhat ironic about brooches and fashion in general, then you are not mistaken. So it is. The fact is that such an irony, such a fun and mischievous attitude to the outfit is the most trendy, progressive and the most promising possible thing. The high cost of things will not surprise anyone in the civilized world now. Mass-market brands produce things of such a decent quality from time to time, and luxury brands so often strive to please the tastes of the general public, that in the end, it is hard to tell the products of the former from the products of the latter from a three-steps distance, nevermind in the photo. So nowadays the value is not to wear something expensive, but rather something interesting, creative and not too posh.

Як носити брошки

Therefore, a funny cartoon or comic book character, a ridiculous raccoon or a Cheshire cat can easily be a brooch. It is not necessary to treat brooches too seriously. Do not take fashion too seriously in general – it is the first step to look indeed fashionable.

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