Well, there is less and less time before the election, so it’s natural that new and new poll results appear. This time – from the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology. According to the research, Zelensky remains the leader, followed by Poroshenko, and the third in this race is Tymoshenko. What’s next – in reactions from Opinion.

So, according to official results of the survey, if the elections were held in the second half of March, then out of all citizens over the age of 18, 19.5% would give their votes for the showman Zelensky, 10.3% – for the incumbent president and 7.6% for the leader of Batkivshchyna.

However, researchers consider that the ratio of percentage to those who have already determined is the closest indicators for possible results. In this case, Zelensky gets 32.1%, Poroshenko’s figure is 17.1%, and Tymoshenko’s electorate is 12.5%. Then there are Boyko with 12.5%, and Hrytsenko with 6.9%.

According to political expert Olexiy Minakov, Poroshenko overruns Tymoshenko, even despite the possible statistical error. Obviously, thanks to indexation of pensions and monetization of subsidies. At the same time, the expert assumes that the headquarters of Yulia Tymoshenko is already preparing a speech about large-scale falsification and illegitimacy of the elections. By the way, something like that we can hear from Moscow.

Political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya emphasizes that Zelensky manages to maintain his rating due to his absence in political formats and any kind of professional discussions.

A blogger and civic activist Andrii Smolii doubts whether it is worth believing in this results, saying that before the official announcement, the rating was shown on 1+1. However, the author reminds: about 25% of voters haven’t yet determined.

Volodymyr Lazar, President of the French-Ukrainian Association Center for Development and International Cooperation, summed up that Yuriy Boyko had no chances to become a president, as well as Anatoliy Hrytsenko. Instead, Lazar emphasizes that the election is a compromise, not a victory for your favorite.

A journalist Marina Daniluk-Yarmolaeva, in her turn, is convinced that life is not determined on the election day, and conclusion should be drawn after the first anniversary or a hundred days. Also, the author explains: Poroshenko and Tymoshenko have their well-deserved results since they haven’t changed in their form and essence since 2005, Zelensky is backed up because it is a protest against the old politicians and “laboratory testing of a new leader type.”

Political strategist Petro Oleschuk believes that the biggest problem of the acting president is his anti-rating, which is the highest – 45%. Then goes Yulia Tymoshenko with 20%, followed by Zelensky. The lowest anti-rating has Roman Koshuynskyi and Ihor Shevchenko.

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