The Security Service of Ukraine confirmed that its ex-employee Vasyl Prozorov gave a press conference in Moscow. The SBU claimed that he was fired for regular alcohol abuse at the workplace.

The service also said that Prozorov decided to “trade in conscience and military oath”, having found the “worthy buyers” in the Federal Security Service.

On March 25, he gave a press conference in Russia, saying that since 2014 he has been helping Russian intelligence services get information about Ukrainian security forces. The man stated that he worked at the SBU from 1999 to 2018, in particular since May 2014, he worked at the headquarters of the anti-terrorist center of the SBU, which was subsequently confirmed by the Security Service.

Prozorov made several statements, in particular on secret prisons in the territories of military actions (“they were called libraries, detainees were called books”), in particular on the territory of the Mariupol airfield; management of the fifth department of the SBU’s counterintelligence department by British and American specialists; involvement of the Ukrainian side in the catastrophe with the MH17 Boeing.

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