Wednesday, 21 October

In Russia, a man called Vasyl Prozorov, an ex-employee of the Security Service of Ukraine, gave a press conference. He stated that since 2014 he has been helping Russian intelligence services get information about Ukrainian security forces. The SBU has not yet commented on this, they are preparing the report on this statement, Hromadske reports.

He stated that the Security Service of Ukraine, since the beginning of the war in Donbass, has prepared a proposal to launch massive propaganda against Russia, to abandon the term “brotherly people”.

In general, he made several statements, including on secret prisons in the areas of hostilities (“they were called libraries, detainees were called books”), in particular on the territory of the Mariupol airfield; management of the fifth department of the SBU’s inspection department by British and American specialists; involvement of the Ukrainian side in the catastrophe with the MH17 Boeing.

The spokeswoman of the Security Service, Olena Hitlanska, said that the service has not yet commented on Prozorov’s statements.

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