A singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, whose candidature in the presidential election would like to see every fifth Ukrainian, calls for a responsible vote. He has made the corresponding post on Instagram.

Vakarchuk urged Ukrainians to fulfill their civic duty: to vote in the presidential elections on March 31. “By refusing to run for the presidency, I don’t renounce my own responsibility for the fate of the country. I am not going to stand aside, I have no right to remain silent,” the singer says.

Vakarchuk stresses that the future can’t be won in the lottery and the future is not a joke as well as the presidential election. “The future, like the fate of the country, is in our hands. Let’s not bring down those for whom freedom and dignity are not just empty words, but the dreamed goal for which they gave up the most valuable things they had,” said an opinion leader.

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