Well, the thing that we’ve been waiting for so long has finally come – Vakarchuk appealed to Ukrainians on the eve of the elections. The singer urges not to vote “just for fun” because the future and the fate of the country is in our hands. More – in reactions from Opinion.

In his address, Vakarchuk assures that the future is not a joke, because it is won by courageous ones, but also responsible ones. Just as dignity is not just a word, and changes are not accidental. The singer is convinced that he has no right to remain silent and calls to vote not “for fun”, but in a responsible way.

Was the post of Okean Elzy frontman a hint on Volodymyr Zelensky‘s candidacy? One could only guess if not the leader of Kvartal 95 hasn’t hurried with the response to Vakarchuk. He said that in order not to be “fun” he decided to be serious together with the team, like everyone else. However, the candidate couldn’t come up with a better idea than to take a photo with hot dogs. Somewhere we can hear Yulia Tymoshenko crying, as well as Serhii Kaplin is doing it three times more.

However, a large part of the network is convinced: the appeal concerned Zelensky. For example, a political expert, Olexiy Minakov, expressed this opinion.

It’s quite interesting that the other candidate, Roman Bezsmertnyi, who, in a recent interview, stressed that “Vakarchuk factor” could explode in the coming days, has become almost a seer in this story. Well then, it exploded. Someone was even hit.

Vakarchuk started a new flash mob on the network with his post and corresponding hashtag. Famous Ukrainians have already joined him. For example, writers Serhii Zhadan and Markian Kamysh.

The appeal of the singer was also supported by a writer Andriy Lyubka. He also added that he hopes to see Vakarchuk during the parliamentary elections with a party of young, modern, patriotic and pro-Western people.

Instead, the writer Andrii Kokotiukha is convinced that the appeal of the singer won’t bring any special result: it was necessary to say it at least on the TV.

However, political scientist Viktor Taran thanked Vakarchuk for his position and expressed his hope that voters would hear him. Whether they will hear him or not – we’ll see very soon. Of course, I would like to believe.

In his turn, the blogger and public figure Andrii Smolii suggested that the words of the musician were to those who sought to vote for Zelensky and pro-Russian forces. The author is convinced: to vote “just for fun” is to destroy the country and spit in the faces of those who are now defending our borders in the east of the country.

A completely different approach to the appeal by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk was expressed by a blogger Dmytro Lytvyn. The author is not happy with the fact that the singer is allegedly afraid to support someone specific, as it should have done the leader of public opinion.

The first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Gerashchenko also urged not to vote “just for fun”. Instead, she advises you to think. And you have to sit and wreck your brains, whether it is in the literal sense of the word, or in the sense of the new Poroshenko’s slogans. Until March 31, I will have to look for synonyms… Cause they will say (again) that I am a Poroshenko-bot.

However, the blogger Anton Hodza assessed the text of the statement in his own way, paying attention to the part where Vakarchuk “has no right to remain silent”. Like, he is not a Buddha nor a Pope, to not to be silent. Well, here you have to think… Oh, I’m sorry.

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