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The last week of March has brought snowstorms and snow showers to Ukraine. Fortunately, it hasn’t frightened anybody and done any harm. It is just old winter trying to catch youth and beauty.

However, winter should know its place, the atmosphere persistently recommends winter to pack its bags and leave until the next year. So, starting from 29 March, we won’t observe any rainfall.

The anticyclone will increase the atmospheric pressure and it is unlikely to rain on Friday in all the regions. However, it will still be quite cold: + 6 +11 C.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On Saturday and Sunday, 30 and 31 March, this anticyclone together with southerly flows will bring beautiful comfortable weather to Ukraine. As it is the Election Day on 31 March in Ukraine, Ukrainians will be happy to cast their vote on such a sunny day. At the weekend, the temperature maxima will be + 10 +18 C. So, nothing will prevent citizens from voting.

Beginning from the next week, atmospheric fronts will move across Ukraine. Light or moderate rainfall is possible.

On 1 April, the temperature in western parts will decrease to 2 -5 C. On 2 April, it will get colder in most Ukrainian regions with temperature +5 +11 C.

However, on 3 April, it will start to get warmer with temperature maxima of +9 +15 C possible. Such changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature can make some people feel bad. So take care.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


In Kyiv, 29 March will be still a cold day, without precipitation though, with 0 -2 at night and +6 +8 at the daytime. On 30-31 March, it will be a comfortable dry and sunny with +12 +15 C.

Beginning from Monday, the weather will be changeable: rainy and sunny days are expected. Use sunny long pauses for walking. First sunny days give us Vitamin D we need so much. It is very useful for our weakened organisms.

On 2 April, in Kyiv, the temperature will decrease to +8 C, and on 3-4 April, it will increase again up to +10 +14 C.

You should follow weather forecasts as the atmosphere is most changeable at springtime. When you follow weather forecasts, watch atmospheric and social changes considerably and thoroughly, resultative forecasts are more likely to work well.

Natalka Didenko

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