To reform the judicial and law enforcement systems, to return money from offshore, to pass the law on firearms and to join NATO and the EU. The main theses of Valentyn Nalyvaichenko’s program, official and real biography, the declared property and the ability of the politician to tell the truth – about this and more in the section “Candidates” from Opinion

We have created this section for you to have an opportunity to make conscious, objective and most importantly – your own decision in the presidential election this spring. Telling about each candidate, we turn to the official biography, open sources, emotionlessly scrutinize the program promises and the reality of their fulfillment. 

We have planned materials about 12 candidates who have the highest chances according to the data of sociological companies. To avoid manipulation, the texts order has been defined alphabetically.  

What is the program for this candidate?

The program of Nalyvaichenko is probably the shortest among all those that we’ve examined in this section, as well as an introductory word. In it, the candidate assures that it is time to make sure that there is one law for everyone in Ukraine. What will help the politician to ensure security and restore justice – let’s take a look together.


Valentyn Nalyvaichenko considers that his main presidential task is to restore a peace and territorial integrity, to return the country on the track of development, economic growth, salaries/pensions increase, and Ukraine’s integration to the EU and NATO.

A fair system of power

– the law on the impeachment of the president;

– abolition of immunity and privileges for judges and people’s deputies;

– the extermination of corruption and the inevitability of punishment;

– reduction of the number of state bodies and officials;

– the transparent hiring process for leading positions in the government and law enforcement agencies;

– the right of communities to fire local police directors, judges and prosecutors;

– election of people’s deputies according to a proportional system with open lists;

– withdrawal of deputies of all levels.

Mechanisms and tools for implementing promises are not specified.

Peace and security

– Establishing a center for the missing persons and returning of the hostages;

– creation of the International Economic Fund for assistance to the internally displaced people;

– Ukraine’s full membership in NATO and the EU;

– creation of a reserve volunteer army;

– social privileges and guarantees for veterans;

– adoption of the law on civilian circulation of firearms;

– reform of judicial and law enforcement systems.

Decent working conditions, life, and development

– anticorruption audit of all legal acts;

– monitoring and control over expenditures of the authorities;

– empowerment of the united territorial communities;

– electronic government and free e-services;

– a revision of the formula, which regulates the size of social benefits;

– increase in financing of science to 3% of GDP;

– increase in financing of medicine to 5% of GDP;

– adoption of the Code of Social Protection of Citizens.

The last paragraph obliges the government to pay salaries, pensions, scholarships, social payments, etc. in a timely manner and in full. In case of violation of these obligations, Nalyvaychenko promises to bring the perpetrators to justice.

What can we know about him from the CEC and his official biography?

Traditionally, from the website of the Central Election Commission, we find out general information. Nalyvaichenko was born in Zaporizhia, has a higher degree, works as the head of the party Spravedlyvist, and this very party he represents in the upcoming elections.

In 1994, everything changes dramatically. The candidate begins his diplomatic career as a secretary at the Embassy of Ukraine in Finland and part-time in Denmark and Norway. Since 1998 he was holding one of the leading positions in the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

2001 – 2003 – Consul General of the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA.

2003 – 2004 – Director of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

2004 – 2008 – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

2005 – Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus.

After this, the candidate managed to lead the Security Service of Ukraine twice: in 2006-2010 and in the period between 2014 and 2015.

Valentyn Nalyvaichenko’s political career has begun in 2010 after the election of Viktor Yanukovych as the Ukrainian President. Back then the candidate joined party Nasha Ukraina and became the chairman of the political council. However, in two years he steps down and joins Vitali Klitschko’s party Udar. A few months later, the politician becomes a people’s deputy.

In 2013, Nalyvaichenko was co-organizer of political events in support of Yulia Tymoshenko that took place in Germany. He was an active participant of EuroMaidan. During the adoption of Yanukovych’s dictator laws, he was one of the deputies who blocked the rostrum.

After dismissal from the post of the head of SBU, he founds and heads the party Spravedlyvist. In September 2017 he supported Saakashvili during the illegal crossing of the border, was enlisted in the Myrotvorets database.

Also, according to the biography, Nalivaychenko refused from a status of combatant, even though he participated in the defense of Ukraine. As well, the text mentions criminal cases against the candidate. The first proceeding was opened on the basis of the appeal of deputies from the Communist Party, but a year later it was closed by the prosecutor’s office. The second one belongs to the Russian Federation investigating committee. The third is connected with the prosecution on the illegal crossing of the border in 2014-2015 by Nalyvaichenko.

What was not mentioned in the official biography?

Well, in the biography was not mentioned, for example, the fact that during his parliamentary term in the Verkhovna Rada one of the assistants-consultants to Nalyvaichenko was the leader of the Right sector Dmytro Yarosh. According to journalists, the candidate and his ex-assistant are bounded by long-term friendly relations.

In the same biography, the politician notes about entering and studying at the Academy of Foreign Intelligence, giving a hyperlink to Wikipedia, without resorting to any specification. The fact is that it was a Russian high military institution, which prepares officers for the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia and other special services.  Nalyvaichenko himself says: “Back then I was one of those Ukrainians who was selected and directed by Ukraine to intelligence, not the KGB, I’ve never studied at the KGB.”

The journalists emphasize that during his studies, Valentyn had a code-name “Nalimov”. The politician himself denies it, explaining that in the academy listeners simply had aliases. They changed his surname since they did not know how to alter Nalivaychenko, therefore Nalimov appeared.

In February 2016 Valentyn Nalyvaichenko announced the unification of his movement together with Batkivshchyna party of Yulia Tymoshenko. The purpose of the union was to prevent a new revolution, the resignation of the government and the introduction of amendments to the Constitution.

What does the candidate own?

From the infographics presented by the team of resource Slovo i Dilo, Nalyvaichenko is perhaps the poorest candidate in this presidential race. He owns only one land plot and one half of the apartment. The things of the candidate’s family are going somewhat “better”.

Source: analytical portal Slovo i Dilo –

How does this candidate keep his promises?

According to the results of the study conducted by the resource Slovo i Dilo, while being in power, the politician had made 32 promises, most of which, that is 66%, he fulfilled. However, 11 more promises turned out to be a lie.

Source: analytical portal Slovo i Dilo –

The candidate was lying when he guaranteed the adoption of the law on the recall of people’s deputies, the election of judges by the community and the adoption of the law on the impeachment of the president. The words of Nalyvaichenko about the detention of high-ranking officials who gave orders to murder during the protest rallies were also false.

Are there any scandals with the candidate?

The predecessor of Nalyvaichenko as head of the SBU, Oleksandr Yakymenko has publicly accused the politician of being allegedly recruited in the United States. After that, the candidate allegedly admitted CIA agents to secret archives. However, in an interview, Nalyvaichenko himself assured that nobody had even tried to recruit him.

In addition, a deputy and former journalist Serhiy Leshchenko linked the candidate to the former head of the administration of Yanukovych Serhiy Lyovochkin and oligarch Dmytro Firtash. According to the People’s Deputy, Nalyvaichenko, when he was heading the SBU for the second time, could use his power to get even with competitors of Firtash.

Repeatedly in the media, they were spreading information that Nalyvaichenko allegedly had Russian citizenship.  However, the politician himself refutes this, stressing that he has only a Ukrainian passport.

By Dmytro Zhuravel

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