On Friday, March 29th is the day when, according to a schedule, established two years ago, Britain had to leave the EU, but because of the failed attempts of the prime minister, Teresa May, to force the parliament to support her agreement on Brexit on Friday, the exit will not happen.

March 29th, 2019 should have become a landmark moment in the history of the country, some parties were preparing to celebrate what they called the “Independence Day” of Great Britain.

On Friday, supporters of Brexit are planning to mark this significant day by demonstration near Parliament in protest that Brexit did not happen on time, CNN writes.

As it is confirmed in the government, on Friday, deputies will vote only on a treaty with the EU on withdrawal, which, in particular, concerns the rights of citizens and the controversial Irish “backpack”. Approval of the treaty this week is required by the EU.

But the political declaration concerning the future relationship between Britain and the EU will not be put to the vote. May promised to resign if the Parliament voted to withdraw from the EU agreement.

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