The clock goes tick-tock, and there is not so much time left until the election. And even less – till the day when any agitation is prohibited. Read in Reactions from Opinion what the main candidates post on Facebook on the eve of the election silence day.

I need to explain something so that no one would comment about any bias or agitation: we took the pages of 12 candidates, which have the highest rating according to the results of the surveys. We’ll look at what they post in alphabetical order. So, read to the end. This is indeed interesting – the rhetoric of messages before the election silence day.

So, the first of the candidates, Roman Bezsmertnyi claims that he did not lie and didn’t smear his opponents during the whole electoral campaign and that he also was not a technical candidate. In his turn, the politician proposes to “break the matrix” and not to play the “passing-non-passing” scenario, and choose not out of three candidates, but of all 39. So, the main message is: not only survey leaders have chances, and it is possible to break the scenarioю

Yurii Boiko appeals to his readers as if he would for sure win and already tells how everything will change. In one of the last messages, he stakes on youth which, in my modest opinion, is difficult to call an electorate of this candidate. The main message – young people will feel confident, and the birth of children will be easy on the wallet.

Oleksandr Vilkul notes that his goal is “to restore peace and normal life in Ukraine”, and lists those who supported him. In total it is allegedly “millions of people” from all over the country. The main message – I am supported, I can win.

Anatolii Hrytsenko in his turn talks about his electoral campaign and notes that what we need most of all now are fortitude and unity. The motive is ambiguous but clear – it is a call for uniting around his candidacy.

On the page of Volodymyr Zelensky’s team, there are calls to make “the right choice” on March 31 and create a “dreamland”. Obviously, the purpose of such texts is the activation of the electorate and the call to come to the polls.

Ruslan Koshulynskyi says that this election gives a chance for the new power and that the Ukrainians will regain control over the country. Therefore, the relevant message is observed: the ruling elite requires a reboot and we have a chance for this.

Oleh Liashko publishes a bunch of photos with voters, stressing that he goes to the election for them, to provide these people with reliable pensions, salaries, and respect from the state. The message is the same as the electoral campaign – to portray the candidate as “people’s president”.

Valentyn Nalyvaichenko criticizes the work of the current president, calls it ineffective, and in return offers his own plan of action. He tells about his main goals and objectives. The message is difficult to read, obviously, the candidate offers himself as a completely contrasting alternative to the current power.

Petro Poroshenko, in his turn, focused on the main rivals, assuring that these are the figures of the oligarch Kolomoiskyi. He talks about how the journalists of 1+1 smeared him and lied. The aim of the post is to convince that “there will be no revenge” even despite the foul play of the opponents.

Ihor Smeshko chose a slightly different strategy: he publishes quotes from different interviews. For example, in one of the latest posts, he insists that ratings and surveys are a technology for manipulation of voters. The candidate urges to vote with heart and mind in the first round and depending on the circumstances – in the second round.

Yuliia Tymoshenko is convinced of getting to the second round and appeals to “ordinary people who will get a chance for changes on Sunday”. The message is quite clear: I propose a new course of development, and I am able to win.

Oleksandr Shevchenko didn’t appeal with any motivation. On the contrary, he talks about how the members of Mr. Koshulynskyi’s team supposedly disrupted his campaign materials. And not only his ones but rather everyone’s but the ones of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc. Perhaps the candidate wants to assure his readers that the current president is not playing by the rules.

So, I want to say one last thing. There are indeed a lot of candidates, everyone holds their lines, hits certain points and knows what to focus on. Get away from it. I often joke, but I am serious here. Choose carefully and analyze. Each vote is able to determine the future of the country. See you at the election!

Collected the reactions and goes to the election for sure Stepan the Goat

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