Information about the leaders of the National Exit poll in various regions of Ukraine appeared. This was announced by the Director General of the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology Volodymyr Paniotto.

“As for the West, Poroshenko takes the first place (26%), the second goes to Zelensky (21%), and the third to Tymoshenko (18%). In the center, the first – to Zelensky (28.6%), the second – to Poroshenko (19, 5%) and the third – to Tymoshenko (17.5%). In the south – Zelensky (42%), Poroshenko (11%) and Tymoshenko (9.5%),” he said.

According to Paniotto’s words, in the east, Volodymyr Zelensky virtually divides the first place with Yuriy Boyko: “30.7% – Zelensky, 9.6% – Poroshenko, 7.3% – Tymoshenko and 27.2% – Boyko,” he said.

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