The president of minority

Actually, nothing new – once again the minor part of the country elects the President. The election rhetorics which has sprawled everywhere during the last months – from billboards to leaflets, from newspapers to television – singled out four types of presidential candidates.

The first type – new people who have never been in power, who are not associated with corruption and high tariffs.

The second type – candidates who have pro-European views, the representatives of democratic camp.

The third type – candidates of the pro-Russian direction, the representatives of former regionals.

The fourth type – candidates who use socialist rhetoric, promise to reduce tariffs, prices, tickets – all.

And while I am writing this, the candidate for president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky receives the highest percentage according to the results of the national exit poll – a bit more than 30 and he is guaranteed to get to the second round together with Petro Poroshenko and his 18 percent.

The camera 1+1 shows the inexplicable joy of the candidate Zelensky, who hugs his wife and friends in the headquarters, takes a mic and congratulates everyone. Won’t you be over the moon from happiness if three months earlier you hadn’t had plans for politics?

Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, thanks the voters, tells about the democracy of the recent electoral process standing at the background of his election campaign posters.

Then Zelensky is on the air again and poor Alla Mazur survives another five minutes of shame. Because the most rating candidate makes faces and is utterly pleased with his joy. Apparently, he gets the kick out of this situation. The actors are sensitive and emotional people. He tries to explain himself in Ukrainian but then returns to Russian. He regrets only that he failed to win in the first round but hoped so much. He assures that didn’t negotiate with Yulia Tymoshenko and expresses the hope that he will be supported in the second round. He laughs, waves his hands and disappears from the screens.

Photo: Ivan Pecheny

The TV presenter Alla Mazur fiddles with papers, tries to look professional.

So Zelensky. The voting for him is irrational and emotional. It’s hard to hinder the voter’s emotions. Especially against the background of today.

Against the background of corruption scandals and the absence of prosecution of the perpetrators, human hatred for the current authorities is overwhelming. The arguments such as to differentiate the responsibility of different branches of government, don’t work. In a country where the head of the ministry’s department behaves like a god, the president has the most influence on all branches of government. In particular, not only by authority.

Zelensky’s mad results is a verdict to the present system. And this verdict, tragically, is reached by the people with the memory of Guppy fish. Those ones who fail to understand that the result of the out-of-system Zelensky is based on the old system. They are represented by those who lost five years ago.

In the event that Zelensky still wins on April 21, we will see many old characters in high government positions. The characters with those corruption and criminal trains.

Look at the former voting results by regions – the South and the East totally voted for Zelensky. The South and the East always voted for the representatives of regionals, for those who personified the Russian vector – “we are the brothers”. Same people voted for Zelensky on March 31.

Photo: Ivan Pecheny

West Ukraine on Sunday morning went to the churches and then back home. In Transcarpathia – the lowest turnout. West Ukraine most actively leaves the country.

Populism rhetorics began to invade the world. “five stars” in Italy. Trump in the USA. But our example is rather unique. Never before, in any country in the world, at any stage of the election race, the candidate who was present in the electoral process only virtually won the elections. By means of the show character Vasyl Holoborodko – a television president of the long-suffering country. Never before, people have paid for the election campaign of the candidate – buying the tickets for his performances.

The second round is ahead. In this time stretch, we will see a lot of interesting – actually, the guises are dropped, those who have dreamt to make a triumphant comeback, negotiate and mobilize.

We don’t know who will finally win. How well the candidates’ electorate will be able to mobilize. Who and when will turn on the brain. Where the sympathies of the votes will flow to.

And it could happen so that there will be nothing good for those who live here. We can be thrown backward for years. And this is what is most clear.

So far, the series Svaty wins the film Cyborgs.

Zoya Kazanzhy

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