The first reaction of the international debt market to the results of the first round of presidential elections is positive: rates on sovereign bonds declined at 10:30 am from 0.26 percentage points per day for Eurobonds-2020 (0.46 p.p. a week) to 0,07 p.p. for Eurobonds-2026 (0.18 p.p. a week). This was announced by the head of the analytical department of investment company Concord Capital Oleksandr Paraschii in the commentary to Interfax-Ukraine.

“The reason for such a dynamics, in my opinion, is that it became quite clear: (Yulia) Tymoshenko has no chances to become president. After all, the very option of Tymoshenko seemed to be the riskiest for sovereign debt, based on positions on key issues that contradict the IMF program,” Paraschii said.

According to the analyst, the current quotation of Ukraine’s international debts largely takes into account the victory of Volodymyr Zelensky in the first round, as sociological ratings testified it.

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