The European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade has criticized Ukraine for using the loophole in the Association Agreement, which has greatly increased the export of Ukrainian chicken to the EU. This was reported by the Polish edition of Interia Fakty.

Recall that Ukrainian producers, namely the company Myronivskyi Hliboproduct that belongs to a billionaire Yuri Kosyuk, found a way to bypass the strict restrictions on the import of chicken fillets to the EU. A chicken with bone was sent to the EU factories without paying any duties, and then bone was cut and it was sold as a chicken fillet.

As a result, the import of these chicken elements from Ukraine, as shown by data presented at the meeting of the committee, increased from 3.7 thousand tons in 2016 to 50 thousand tons in 2018.

As it became known, the European Commission reached an agreement with Ukraine on amending the Free Trade Agreement, which aims to restrict the uncontrolled import of chicken to the EU.

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