Three Triumphs

So, the first round of the Ukrainian presidential elections is over. According to the principle, two’s a company, three’s none, Yulia Tymoshenko dropped out of the second round. Mr. Zelensky, the front-runner in the first round, caught fancy first of the voters and then – of the commenters. Petro Poroshenko, the incumbent president, takes the distant second place.

The analysis of the situation in the regions leaves Poroshenko very few chances to improve the situation and take the lead. Poroshenko’s voters (the author among them) have been taken aback. How come? A man with no political experience, who speaks bad Ukrainian and doesn’t speak English well, a comic has overcome the experienced politician who was managing the country in the state of war and could keep it on track while in crisis, the politician who managed to maintain if not sovereignty but at least the feasibility of the country. Plus the administrative leverage.

That’s how!

Amid disappointment and – truth be told – exasperation of many colleagues, I would like to underline what seems positive and useful.

The first triumph – undoubtedly – is the triumph of democracy. Even if we consider the will of the voters wrong, at least I am sure it is not sham. Zelensky has definitely outrun the administrator – and that can happen in a democratic country only. In the long run, Americans have voted for Trump, haven’t they, and Britains have voted for Brexit!

Die, Russian propaganda with your talks about junta and dictatorship! And with your blaming Ukraine of anti-Semitism, one might add. Some disguised anti-Semitism is still there but it did not affect the results of the elections.

The second triumph – less significant – is the triumph of sociology as of experimental science. How well the exit poll performed! There was some deviation but it was insignificant and could be neglected.

How much criticism exit poll organizers received from all sides! And now here is a clear proof – sociology in Ukraine works precisely and objectively. I believe it was only Tymoshenko who would regularly use poll numbers as advertising instruments. I constantly received messages with those faked numbers on my cell phone. The text ran as follows: “Julia Tymoshenko has a commanding lead in the poll numbers of the elections “.

And it was a lie.

The third triumph is a negative one. It is the triumph of TV.  We have been talking much and long about the Russian audience whose reality has been replaced by television! We’ve been talking so much and so long that we have forgotten our own audience. In olden times this audience same way was under hypnosis of Kashpirovsky and they would “charge” water from Chumak. We failed to create Russian language channels with the Ukrainian content. We failed to understand that in the eyes of the majority of people it is much more meaningful to play the president in the television series than to perform the important duties of the president in reality.

Television has won.

Borys Khersonsky

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