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Several springs come to us every year. First one is a calendar, March 1, then according to the old style, March 13, then – astronomical, on March 21-22.

For some people, spring comes along with the first sun when the last snow disappears and you can finally get rid of thick down jackets, annoying hats, and inelegant shoes. But there is another sign of the spring – when heating is turned off in our homes. Then we already know for sure that a bright spring explosion of hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, dazzling sun, dark glasses and various seedlings in the gardens are coming soon.

And just this week, the average daily air temperature will not fall below 8 degrees above zero, which is a necessary signal for utility services workers to turn off the heating.

By the end of the week, the air temperature in the daytime will be +10 +16 degrees in most regions of Ukraine, in the west and south in some places there will be up to +17 +20 degrees.

Fresh air is expected in the eastern regions and in the coastal cities, +7 +12 degrees.

Night “zero and small minuses” will finally disappear, it is expected +2 +8 degrees at night.

The anticyclonic nature of the weather will prevail in Ukraine on April 5 and 6, that is, precipitation is not expected, it will be dry and sunny.

On April 7, an atmospheric front approaches from Poland.

It will be raining on the Annunciation in the western regions of Ukraine and it will be also raining in the northern part in the afternoon. However, the rest of the territory will remain dry.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


The next week will take up the challenge of wet rainy weather.

From Monday, in most regions of Ukraine, it will be raining moderately. The eastern part will refrain from precipitation.

The air temperature will be predominantly high, it is expected +12 +19 degrees maximum.

From April 10, the cooling down to +7 +12 degrees is foreseen in the western regions of Ukraine.

In Kyiv, on April 5-6, dry sunny warm weather is expected. The air temperature will be +10 +15 degrees.

On April 7 in the capital, there is a chance of rain in the afternoon.

From the next week, the humidity will increase in Kyiv.

From April 8 -11, there will be occasional rain. Rain will alternate with clearings.

The air temperature will not change significantly and will fluctuate at night within +3 +7 degrees, and in the daytime, it will be +12 +15 degrees.

Spring walks around Ukraine beautifully, with dignity and smile, warming the air and people with the sun, watering the earth with the first warm rain, decorating everything around with the annual miracle, bright flowers, and green tender leaves.

Such a wonderful and unique time comes every year, but this is always the feeling of novelty.

We must also learn this dignity, beauty, relevance and natural wisdom from the spring.

Natalka Didenko

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