While Zelensky and Poroshenko are arguing where it is better to get tested, Ulana Suprun emphasized that there are not so many labs that can give a true assessment of the results. In Ukraine, the most modern equipment for this is only in the anti-doping center of the Olympic Committee.

The acting Minister of Healthcare Ulana Suprun has joined the dispute about the most reliable laboratory where the candidates could get tested for the use of alcohol and drugs. According to her, today there are not so many laboratories which have the opportunity to give the most truthful assessment of the results.

“Paradoxically, no matter how destructive to our organism are drug substances, they are not so easy to detect, as it seems at first glance. That is why athletes or offenders undergo rigorous testing and transfer biological samples to specialist laboratories.

For a thorough analysis, specific equipment is needed that works by a completely different method. This should be a long process of research (2-3 days) based on analytical chemistry. Namely: chromato-mass spectrometry. The rest, for example, test strips that promise a result in 15 minutes, is not a valid indicator.

There are not so many laboratories in Ukraine that can carry out such research. Even less – to ensure that it will be carried out qualitatively. The most up-to-date equipment for this is available only in the Anti-Doping Center of the Olympic Committee. It is they who regularly work with athletes to determine whether they use prohibited substances,” Suprun said.

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