The World Bank reported that Ukraine should spend 11 billion USD or 8% of gross domestic product on state debt service each year. This is stated in a new World Bank report.

Payments on public debt at the World Bank are considered one of the key risks to the stability of the Ukrainian economy.

“Ukraine is in high demand for funding in the next 3 years, which requires mobilization of significant international loans and a reduction of the public finance deficit to 2.5% of GDP, in order to ensure fiscal stability. Ukraine needs about $ 11 billion annually (8% of GDP each year) to pay off public debt and offset the budget deficit in 2019-2021, “the World Bank said.

They also note that ensuring financial stability in the country is possible only through continued cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, which will signal the continuation of reforms in the country and will allow the attraction of funds in other international financial institutions.

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