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Polka dots, safari and leopard. Refreshing the spring wardrobe

Spring has finally and convincingly claimed its rights. Warm coats and boots have hidden in the far corners of the closet and politely promised not to get out of there at least until October.  Therefore, it’s time to think seriously about refreshing the spring and summer wardrobe.

It is worth to buy:

1. A pantsuit. It is an undeniable fashion hit; besides it is a very comfortable and practical attire. As men have – but better. In contrast to the men’s suit, the female one is much more functional and leaves more space for fashion fantasies. It can be worn with a shirt or turtleneck to work. With a lace blouse or a shirt with thin straps and high heels – for a special occasion. With a t-shirt and sneakers – for a walk and to the cinema. And the jacket from the suit can be worn with a dress, it is also very trendy!

2. Something beige in Safari style. It can be a dress or a suit, and for the most daring ones – overalls. A minimum of details, concise cut, thick fabric and a variety of options how and what to wear. Try to combine beige things with black or white accessories. You will get incredibly strong minimalistic images.

3. Beautiful midi length dress of bright color that suits you. You have no idea how many times it will help you out. Trendy colors worthy of attention are fuchsia, coral, golden mustard, blue sky.

4. A trendy mid-size bag that should be carried in hands, not on the shoulder.

5. Hair clips. It’s very trendy, absolutely budget-friendly, and it’s that little touch that instantly makes even the simplest basic outfit a stylish statement. You can wear classic smooth jeans, a simple white t-shirt without any frills, and put on sneakers. What could be more modest and boring? However, if you only add trendy hair clips on your head and pick up a handbag of some trendy design – and the I-wore-whatever-I-found image instantly turns into the fashion capitals street-style image.

What else will be useful from the things available in the closet:

1. If last year you bought a dress or a blouse with polka dots, congratulations, it was a very useful purchase. For this season, polka dots have not gone away from the fashion repertoire, they became even more present. Therefore, all your polka dot outfits can be safely worn, and you can even get some brand-new partners for them. Mixing several things with polka dots in one ensemble is a bold, but a very trendy option.

2. The same goes for checkered clothes. Take out and carry all the checkered things you have. If you don’t have any – you can safely buy them. Checkered dresses, jackets, and pants are very relevant and will be relevant for a long time. If you dare to the checkered pantsuit – it will be a shot in two fashion trends at the same time.

3. If last year you dared to leopard print – it is great. It keeps being relevant. Shoes, bags, dresses or even tights with leopard print can be worn with pleasure. And it is trendy to combine leopard with other prints. An option for the bold and audacious – with a reptile or a zebra print. Combining leopard with floral prints or polka dots is a more relaxed option.

4. A basic beige trench coat and a classic leather jacket are things for all times. The weather for them is coming, it usually does not last long, so catch the time to take advantage!

5. Shoes and sandals with wide heels and perhaps, but not necessarily – on a thick platform. If you managed to buy shoes of this type last season – great. If not – buy them now. It is very relevant, and it is also comfortable. But pointed shoes with thin heels are still appropriate as well, so wear them with pleasure.

6. Socks with shoes and any color tights. The sock madness continues, it is trendy to wear thin tulle socks with speckles that very temptingly fold on the bone. It is also trendy for the legs to shimmer with lurex socks or socks with funny prints. Any whim on your legs will be good except for the boring sad nude nylon socks.

7. Shawls and scarves – there are plenty of them in the storage of every fashionista. Now it is their finest hour, take them out and wear!

8. Belts! It is trendy to belt everything: dresses, jackets, sweaters, even raincoats, and jackets. If you have an old floral dress in the closet, of which you have got a little tired, try to wear it with a jacket from a pantsuit and girdle the jacket with a leather belt.

9. T-shirts – smooth and with inscriptions, shirts with buttons, linen-styled shirts with thin straps. All these traditional versions of tops will be handy this season.

10. Classic jeans, straight with a medium fit, or slightly narrowed to the bottom with a high fit will never let you down!

What is worth getting rid of:

1. Jeans with holes, jeans with embroidery, jeans with appliqués and any other decorations have gone out of fashion for a while. If there is enough space in your home – don’t throw them away, just put them away until better times.

2. Puffy skirts made of hard fabric with large pleats. This classic new-look silhouette looks a bit out of date. Better replace it with a wide skirt of soft fabric, a light skirt or a pleated tulle tutu skirt, they are back in fashion after a short rest.

3. Sweaters, t-shirts and any tight knitted tops do not look relevant and do not add any chic to you. Throw them away and replace them with tops that give your body a little air.

4. Long cardigans and fine-knit blouses. Replace them with a long free cut jacket, it looks much more contemporary.

5. Long, voluminous wispy scarves. Stop to wear them, their time has run out. Better replace them with silk handkerchiefs.

I wish you a trendy spring and a good mood for stylish experiments!

Maya Tulchynska, fashion blogger

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