The Central Election Commission officially announced the results of the first round of presidential elections (as well it appointed the run-off for the April 21).

At a Sunday session broadcasted by Ukrainian TV channels, the head of the Central Election Commission, Tetyana Slipachuk, announced the CEC protocol on the results of the March 31 vote.

According to her, Volodymyr Zelensky received 30.24 % or 5,714,034 votes, Petro Poroshenko – 15.95 %, or 3,014,609 votes, Yulia Tymoshenko – 13.40 % or 2,503,452 votes. According to Slipachuk, 18 893 864 voters took part in the voting. 22,600 ballots invalidated.

In addition, on the basis of this protocol dated April 7, the commission decided to hold run-off elections on Sunday, April 21, 2019.

The commission has determined that the two candidates that got the largest number of votes in the first round – Volodymyr Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko, will be included in the ballot.

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