Demarche, rebellion – it was titled with those and many more words online. Poroshenko has suspended Maksym Stepanov from the position of the Chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration by his decree. But Stepanov himself does not agree with this decision and continues to work. Read about our attempt to figure this situation in Reactions from Opinion.

Petro Poroshenko hasn’t yet commented on Stepanov’s suspension on Facebook, however, it is possible to find the decree according to which Maksym Stepanov is suspended from the position of the Chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration on April 6 on the website of the President without any difficulties.

And straight after there is another decree. This time – on the appointment of a temporary Acting Chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration – Serhii Prashchenko.

Maksym Stepanov didn’t comment on such a decision of the President in detail in the network, but he has launched a flash mob in his support. He claims he has provided fair election. Suspended? I do not know what the results of the flash mob will be, but someone please tell Stepanov and Vakarchuk: taking a photo with a white sheet of paper in hands is the worst idea ever…

As to the inscription on this sheet. As the blogger and writer Zoya Kazanzhy notes, the law prohibits the authorities from taking any part in the elections. Therefore, the thesis about ensuring fair elections is doubtful, in the author’s opinion. However, Kazanzhy has published one of the comments, which stated that Stepanov allegedly organized the election commissions in favor of Zelensky. Pam-pam.

But the journalist Sonya Koshkina is convinced that such a decision of the President is caused by a too small percentage of the votes given by the region’s inhabitants for Poroshenko in the first round.

The political scientist Yuriy Romanenko also connects Stepanov’s suspension with the results of the first round.

The journalist Yevheniy Kuzmenko stressed that Stepanov has always promoted the President’s initiatives during his office. At the same time, the author is convinced that the demarche of the official is a very bad sign for Poroshenko.

The people’s deputy Igor Lutsenko reminded that Maksym Stepanov posted bail for the Odesa activist Serhii Sternenko when he was illegally thrown in jail by the local “law enforcers”. In general, however, Lutsenko believes that “we have another lawless violence against the undesirables”.

By the way, Sternenko, the activist who was attacked three times, assured in his Telegram channel that such behavior of Stepanov is not surprising for the inhabitants of Odesa, because “Odesa has long ceased to be controlled and turned into a separate republic”. In addition, the activist noted that Stepanov is close to the Privat group, which works for the candidate Zelensky.

Another Odesa activist Vitalii Ustymenko, who was also attacked, believes that the suspension of Stepanov means that Petro Poroshenko is struggling to cling to power, and that means the second round will be nothing like the first.

The people’s deputy Igor Popov called this whole action “hybrid elections and fight for the agenda”.

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