German diplomats and deputies are openly taking active steps to cancel the sanctions pressure from the Russian Federation on the Council of Europe and plan to achieve this at the current PACE session. This information to Ukrainska Pravda was confirmed by several unrelated Western diplomats, as well as representatives of the expert community.

Representatives of Germany have not previously concealed that they prefer a “dialogue” with the Russian Federation, even if it will have to give up pressure on it.

But the data available at the disposal of “European Truth” allows us to say that now it is a coordinated campaign that has gained significant proportions on the eve of the spring session of the PACE.

It is noteworthy that this activity is ultra-partisan: it covers representatives of both key forces of the government coalition – the CDU / CSU and the Social Democrats.

So, in the days of MPs from the CDU and SD, they sent a letter to the President of the PACE asking for a revision of the sanctions rules, removing the right of the Assembly to impose sanctions on the delegation of states-violators when approving their powers.

The Official Berlin assures that this will allow “rescue Russia’s membership in the Council of Europe”, although their opponents cast doubt on this logic.

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