On MARUV and Zelensky

We live in a time when there is a bombshell after bombshell in the headlines every day. So it is not surprising that after all these scandals and creative tricks we have already forgotten the topic that stirred the Ukrainian society only a month and a half ago.

Let’s recall how the singer MARUV won the Eurovision National Selection. The audience gave their votes to her despite the fact that Anna Korsun performs regularly in the aggressor state and even explains her own adaptive position as “bringing peace”. Ukrainians voted for MARUV not paying attention to the fact that she would represent Ukraine performing in a pornographic style, the audience considered it acceptable to see such a picture next to the flag of Ukraine during a live broadcast around the whole Europe.

One month later the same situation took place with people voting for Volodymyr Zelensky. Likewise, this presidential candidate had no problems running a business in Russia throughout all these years of war. What’s more, he received funding for the films produced by his studio from the Russian budget. We all remember very well how “Kvartal 95” was making jokes about the Ukrainian language, how they showed Ukrainian-speaking people as miserable peasants, and how they compared Ukraine to a German porn star, who is “ready to take it from any direction”.

What do these two votes have in common? First, it is the fact that public figures such as MARUV and Zelensky do not mind earning money in Russia, even though they know that there is a war, Ukrainian troops die every day, and dozens of our prisoners of war and hostages are locked up in Russian prisons. They take a quite cunning position, like “we are patriots, but we also do not mind earning a couple of Russian rubles on the sly. But once they are caught red-handed, they begin to deny everything and transfer their business to their friends. The thing is that they simply do not notice the war as if they are living in the parallel universe.

Second, it is the readiness of the television audience and millions of voters to support such singers and politicians, to vote and even admire them. Both votes show that the majority of Ukrainians do not care about the war, they are indifferent to the humiliation of Ukraine and porn-style jokes. This outright mockery of the state that has been protecting itself from the armed aggression of Russia for 5 years comes to its climax in a sarcastic replica “what, because Putin will send his troops?”. This phrase has already become an Internet-meme. The supporters of Zelensky use it as a reaction to the arguments that the president should be an experienced and wise person. Even without a full-scale offensive, Ukrainian soldiers are killed and wounded in Donbas every day, but infantile Ukrainians still do not care about it, because this war simply does not exist for them.

I wonder, if there were a risk of an air offensive by the Russian army bombing our capital, would Ukrainians still vote for a pro-Russian politician or singer? And do you know who is to blame that the Ukrainian people forgot about the war and are so relaxed? Petro Poroshenko, the president of Ukraine is to blame.

Just because over the five years in office he managed to provide a stable and peaceful life in Ukraine, forcing out the war to the demarcation line in Donbas and entrusting the protection of the country to the professional army that had been created from scratch.

This is Poroshenko who built and retained an international coalition to protect Ukraine, lobbied sanctions, forcing Putin not to move forward on tanks and bombers. This is Poroshenko who provided a stable exchange rate of the national currency, the gradual growth of the economy and the full democratic functioning of the authorities and local governments in times of war.

This is Poroshenko who received Visa-free regime for Ukraine, despite many experts arguing that Europe would close away from possible flows of refugees from Ukraine during wartime. Moreover, even Ukrainians did not believe that we would receive visa-free access under these conditions.

Remember 2014, when the signs pointing to the bomb shelters were being drawn on the building walls, when the exchange rate jumped to 40 hryvnias per dollar, and when the volunteers went to the front to defend the state without any experience, uniform or modern weapons?

Despite what people are saying, we have to admit: President Poroshenko provided a sense of security in our country. He managed to do it so well that the Ukrainian people simply forgot about a real war. That’s why they are having fun, like a slavering baby, who, for the sake of curiosity, is removing a pin from the grenade.

Andriy Lyubka

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