Wednesday, 2 December

In Ukraine, 39% of migrants have enough money for food only, and 12% has to save even on products. This is stated in the report of the National Monitoring System on the socio-economic characteristics of internally displaced persons, writes Hromadske

In particular, the question of how they assess their financial situation, 41% of the interviewed respondents said that they have enough money for food, necessary clothing, footwear, and basic needs, 39% have enough money for food only, 12% is forced to save even on nutrition. For 7% of the respondents, there is enough money for basic and other needs, as well as savings, 1% of respondents refrained from answering the question.

The monitoring was conducted by the International Organization for Migration in cooperation with the Social Indicators Center in October-December 2018 in all Ukrainian-controlled Ukrainian regions. Within the framework of the monitoring, 4 044 internally displaced persons were interviewed via the telephone, 2 403 personally. In addition, in November-December 2018, 3 962 individuals who crossed the demarcation line were interviewed personally.

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