Poroshenko’s headquarters explained promo billboards with Russian President Vladimir Putin with the phrase “Decisive Choice”.

“Billboards with Putin’s image are an official promo product paid from the electoral fund of the presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko. The task of the advertising plot is to remind the country that under such external challenges, a strong President and the Commander-in-Chief, a professional, well-educated and experienced diplomat, a talkative negotiator with high international authority, is needed. The billboard’s plot doesn’t mean that Poroshenko’s team believes that Zelensky’s agent of Putin. Absolutely not. But we are firmly convinced that Putin is dreaming of a weak, unprepared president, who will allow the Kremlin to take Ukraine under control,” commented the headquarters.

Today the headquarters of Petro Poroshenko distributes visual advertising, where the president opposes himself in the second run-off to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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