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The network has begun a vivid discussion of Zelensky’s first ten steps in the event of his victory. The journalists have spoken to the representatives of Ze-team, however, now the same members of the headquarters assure that everything is fake. What’s really happen, and what “Zelensky plan” means – in reactions from Opinion.

So let’s start with the very beginning. The article was published by one Ukrainian media. The text clearly states: journalists have met with members of the team, campaign’s ideologist Ruslan Stefanchuk and expert on the economy headquarters Danylo Hetmantsev, they were talking about Volodymyr Zelensky‘s first ten decisions in the event of a victory.

We’ll turn to the list of candidate’s steps a little further. Now let’s look at the page of Ruslan Stefanchuk, who emphasizes that the published text is… not the first 10 steps, but the “selective and superficial extracts” made by the journalist himself. Also, the ideologist of Ze-campaign denies information about an appointment.

On the page of “Zelensky Team”, the information on the appointment was also denied, they say, the process of analysis (hehe) and selection of candidates is still on-going. Okay, it turns out that the journalists messed up everything and lied?

Not exactly. Today at 12 o’clock, the authors updated the text, explaining that the information on personnel decisions is insiders of the authors, not the official position. However, it was written in the very text. As for the words of Stefanchuk about the fact that the journalist just made these ten steps on his own is a lie, because the representatives of the media clearly stated the format and purpose of the material and have an audio record of the conversation.

Oh my God, what’s going on here, whom should I believe? – you think. I had the same thought, but then I looked at the page of the author of the article – Yurii Smirnov. The journalist explains that while he was asking, he emphasized that he wants to discuss the first ten decisions of Zelensky. And then, just in case, he specified what he wants to hear from the representatives of the headquarters a few more times.

In the end, Smirnov emphasizes once again: the question of the first ten decisions (imagine that it’s written in capital letters) was repeated several times, and the interlocutors themselves asked to raise the question of war at the beginning. The author, in his own words, has audio of all this. As well as a screenshot that is also attached. And finally: Stefanchuk, according to Yurii Smirnov, for some reason does not answer his calls now.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Nevertheless, the conversation took place, so let’s take a look at how those “ten steps” were commented (frankly speaking, I messed up whether those brackets are needed) by experts. In particular, the political expert Olexiy Minakov believes that the idea of inviting the United Kingdom and the United States to the Normandy format is not new, the desire to eliminate competition between the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff is not as relevant as the urgent reform of the Ukroboronprom, as for the appointment of “honest judges of the Supreme Anticorruption Court”, the headquarters’ staff is late: the selection is over, this week the Anti-Corruption Court must open its doors. Other express-comments of the specialist you can see in the pictures.

Vitaliy Shabunin, head of the Center for Combating Corruption, concluded that Volodymyr Zelensky sees two key issues: war and corruption. However, there is no clarification on the anti-corruption agenda and agenda of judicial reform in the mentioned steps, although both of these documents were supported by the Ze-team.

Investbanker Sergey Fursa drew attention to the fact that the tax amnesty, which Zelensky seeks to implement, is contrary to the IMF program, and on the other hand, it puts an end to the fight against corruption.

In the meantime, People’s Deputy Vadym Denysenko is talking about a “secret plan for the Rada”, which representatives of the team revealed. The politician names this thesis a key point but assures: the entire “secret” has already been voiced out by Yuriy Boyko. The point is supposedly the following: to get 150 signatures of deputies on their resignations, then early elections “according to the procedure of 60 days for the election.”

The employee of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance Pavlo Podobed with sarcasm noted that Ukraine was precisely lacking the law on a local referendum… somewhere in Odesa or Transcarpathian regions.

Petro Shuklinov, a journalist of the media, the one that published the plan of Zelensky, said that now it looks like… there is no plan. Like, the very team denies what they voiced themselves.

So far, let’s summarize: Zelensky plan is actually a plan voiced by representatives of the candidate’s headquarters. All speculations about the appointment are so far speculations. However, the willingness of journalists to provide an audio record of conversation and screenshots of correspondence testify that the interlocutors understood the reason for which the conversation was arranged. You may read the full text here. Be good boys and girls, see you.

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