Well, finally, we got the first sociology. Zelensky’s followers can celebrate (if they have already been tested, hehe), as for the voters of Poroshenko, there’s no good news for them yet. The showman has surpassed the current president by more than double, gaining 71.4%. What the results of the survey mean (and whether they mean anything) – in reactions from Opinion.

As always, let’s take a look at the actual results of the study at first. It turns out that the majority of respondents (and there were only three thousand of them) believe: the situation will improve after the election. Compared to March, this indicator has increased significantly and it is 52%. Of course, I would have talked about the use and balance of colors but it was impossible to become a political expert for me.

Nevertheless, among all the voters, Zelensky is supported by 51% of the polled, Poroshenko – 20,8. If you take into account those who intend to vote, the percentage is changing, however, the gap is maintained at approximately the same ratio. Here we have figures to which most commentators appeal: among those who intend to vote and determined, 71.4% are going to vote for Zelensky, for Poroshenko – 28.6%.

By age, the electorate of Zelensky distributed roughly the same, however, the leaders are those who are between 18 and 39 years old. The current president is supported by people that are older than 50. By regions, the showman is leading in the East and South with the largest margin, the best figures for guarantor are in the Center and in the West.

In addition, the respondents mostly consider that Zelensky will become president (61%), while 17% believe in Poroshenko’s victory.

These are the results. Meanwhile, Zelensky’s team already celebrates the first polls and even updated the profile picture on Facebook. They say that after the first round the assessment country’s development direction has improved almost twofold.

Political expert Olexiy Minakov urged everybody to be realists and… get ready for the presidency of Zelensky. The expert hopes that the disaster won’t happen, but adds: a comedian without political experience is more a threat than an opportunity for a young and unstable democracy.

On the other hand, political scientist Petro Oleshchuk said that according to the data, 83% of the respondents seek radical changes in the country that is a very serious request and very serious responsibility.

Political scientist Viktor Taran noted that 41% of voters vote for the showman because they are against Poroshenko. At the same time, according to the expert, they don’t know either Zelensky’s teams or his program, and even recognize the weakness of the candidate in matters of the presidential functions.

A blogger and ATO veteran Roman Kulyk doesn’t understand why, having such an advantage, Volodymyr Zelensky is afraid of the debates. After all, there was no live communication in the role of a politician from the candidate.

Editor-in-chief of RBC-Ukraine Serhii Shcherbyna is convinced that there are no chances to change the mood of voters for the current president, even with the help of debates or some super-oppo on the comedian.

Journalist and historian Vakhtang Kipiani is convinced: sociology shows that there will be no miracle, and the number of votes for Zelensky will be at least twice as high as Poroshenko’s support.  However, the publicist notes – opposition to the majority in the Verkhovna Rada that will consist of non-existent Sluha Narodu, Batkivshchyna, “Avakov’s boys”, Boyko, Medvedchuk, etc. should be an intellectual and kindly aggressive faction, which will defend national interests.

People’s Deputy Volodymyr Aryev noted that “the struggle is ongoing because the fortresses are not brought down by weapons, but by despair.”

Reactions were collected by PhD in unlogical Memology, farmer and psychic Stepan the Goat

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