The National Anti-Corruption Bureau has summoned a colleague of the president and deputy head of the BPP faction Ihor Kononenko and businessmen Hryhorii and Ihor Surkis. NABU reported to Radio Liberty journalists, the date was not specified.

Earlier, journalists from the Schemes: Corruption in Detail program (a joint project of Radio Liberty and the TV channel UA: First) released phone conversations with the participation of President’s friend Ihor Kononenko and brothers Surkis, discussing a scheme for the withdrawal of hundreds of millions of hryvnias from state energy companies.

“Based on the information provided in the investigation, the National Bureau has summoned for questioning persons mentioned in the investigation, including Kononenko I., Surkis H., Surkis I.,” noted in the response of NABU to the request of journalists from Radio Liberty.

After the release of the investigation, the editorial staff, at the request of NABU, sent a record of conversations between Dmytro Kryuchkov, Ihor Kononenko and the Surkis brothers to the detectives, subsequently, they were added to the official investigation.

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