Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

Stormy spring synoptic events, flowers, leaves, new grass, buds, sun, pre-election neurosis, bright sun, our allergies, vitamin deficiency, cyclones, and the first thunderstorms – it is sometimes difficult to make weather forecasts. Something hinders and distracts but something helps.

In the coming days, the atmospheric fronts and cyclones will cause periodic rains in Ukraine, and sometimes even with thunderstorms. The rains will alternate with clearings, falling on the summer type – in places and from small to moderate in a short time.

On April 11-12, it will be cold in the west and north of Ukraine, in the afternoon +8 +13 degrees, but in the east, south and in most central regions the degrees will remind us about summer, +16 +22. And thunderstorms are possible exactly in these warm regions.

On weekends, April 13-14, cool weather from the west will spread over most of the territory of Ukraine. However, the rains will remain only on April 13 in the eastern part, and on April 14 – in the south. A significant part of Ukraine will be in a dry air mass.

At the beginning of the next week, on April 15 and 16, frosts are possible at night in the western regions of Ukraine and in the north. In general, cool weather will prevail with air temperature within +10 +14 degrees.

The rains will take place only in the east and south of Ukraine on Monday and Tuesday.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On April 17, wet weather is expected in the south, and on April 18, entire Ukraine will be covered by the sun, raising the air temperature by 2-5 degrees.

From interesting meteo-nuances – on April 16 and 17, wind gusts can reach to the level of a storm in Ukraine.

In Kyiv, the second half of the week is expected with cool weather, in the capital it is expected to be +3 +6 degrees at night, in the daytime +9 +12 degrees. Occasional rains are likely on April 11-12. Dry sunny weather with a gradual increase in air temperature to +12 +15 degrees will prevail in Kyiv next week.

Such unstable weather is typical for springtime. And sometimes we, despite the beautiful sun, feel weak and sleepy, because the body didn’t have enough to adapt to the upcoming strong heat.

But we always wait for the offseason the most. Because we know that the long grey evil winter is conquered anyway. And we should not be afraid of neurosis, avitaminosis, cyclones, and thunderstorms – all these are the signs of the coming riot of gardens and flowers. It is important now to take care of our gardens, ourselves and each other.

Natalka Didenko

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