Presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky has flown to Geneva for at least 11 times during the past two years when Ihor Kolomoisky had lived there, and after his relocation to Israel, the showman twice visited Tel Aviv. This is stated in the investigation of the TV program “Skhemy”, writes Radio Liberty.

So, according to journalists, the presidential candidate flew to Switzerland in February, April, November and December 2017, and then in January, February (twice), in March, April (twice), and in June 2018. In five cases, Kolomoisky’s lawyer Andrii Bohdan flew with Zelensky, who eventually became an adviser to the showman campaign in the elections.

At the end of summer 2018, Kolomoisky relocated to Israel, after which Zelensky visited Tel Aviv twice – in November and December 2018.

“We have failed to get Zelensky’s explanation about  frequent flights to Tel Aviv and Geneva with the lawyer of the oligarch – in recent days he didn’t appear in public, the journalists’ calls were not answered, and his headquarters left the request of “Skhemy” unanswered,” the authors of the investigation said.

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