The week that passed brutally showed Ukraine its place in the world: while the people are discussing “the president’s tests” with a teenage giggle, the world is amazed by the first pictures of the Black Hole Event Horizon. Thank God, we are not like in Sudan where the soldiers took over and the country appeared on the line with the civil war. However, some events took place in Ukraine this week, which can define the future of not only the presidential races but also the future of the country.

Тиждень у призмі: президентська сеча, Путін у Києві та невдалі «дебати» в космічних знімках

Columbia Space Shuttle, on which Leonid Kadenyuk traveled to space

For visual guidance, we selected the space shots of NASA and other space agencies. First, April 12 marks International Day of Human Space Flight – 58 years ago Yurii Haharin managed to flee from the USSR to the space orbit and this week it was the first time when the Black Hole Event Horizon was shot. It will define to what extent Einstein’s physics was right. Ukraine is recently lagging behind in space study but pulls ahead in building a human zoo.

The territory of Ukraine and Russia on the picture from the orbital station on January 19, 2019

At the beginning of the week, the headquarters of Petro Poroshenko disseminated the advert where the president opposes himself to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. The billboards with the image of the Russian leader were seen in Kyiv and Kharkov. The advert inflamed indignation both of ordinary Ukrainians and the officials.

“In 2004 same was done at Viktor Yanukovych’s headquarters… This is dangerous for the country! By such an advert and newspapers which had been already distributed – the country is consciously divided by half,” Anatolii Hrytshenko, ex-candidate for the presidency, said.

Poroshenko’s headquarters didn’t make excuses but went on the counter-offensive.

“The aim of this advert to remind that under the circumstances of such external challenges, the country needs a strong president and the Commander-in-Chief, a skilled, well-educated diplomat, a mastered negotiator with high international authority.

Since the aim of the state’s leader not to make Putin laugh, as our opponent plans. Not to bent the knees before him but bravely look into his eyes and stubbornly defend the country, national interests and the safety of people,” the president’s headquarters said.

But the next morning the municipal service took off this advert and hung the new one – only with Poroshenko’s face.

Full solar eclipse on August 21, 2017

It’s hard to assess the direct consequences of such an advert but in the middle of the week, the “Rating” group promulgated the first results of polls and the numbers impress. 71,4% plan to vote for Zelensky, 28,6% for Poroshenko. Among all – Zelensky has 51%, Poroshenko – 20,8%, 17,8% couldn’t respond, 10,3% won’t participate in elections.

Volodymyr Zelensky is ahead of its competitor in all age categories. He is also a leader among the inhabitants of the East, the South and the Center. At the same time in the West, the positions of both candidates are almost equal.

At Poroshenko’s headquarters, they said they were still preparing a “knockdown” for Zelensky, but it didn’t work out. An offended friend of childhood – Denys Manzhosov had to tell “his own story of a relationship with Zelensky.”

After the announcement for the press conference, the journalists and actors of “Kvartal” comedy show began to get accredited. Zelensky’s comrades came to the agency to “look in the eyes of Manzhosov.” One of them, Oleksandr Pikalov, said that his former colleague took money for participating in a press conference. Within two hours between the announcement and the scheduled beginning of the event, the editorial office was twice “mined” by phone. And Manzhosov, in the end, fled.

However, Poroshenko finally managed to “hit” Zelensky’s positions. The president came to “1+1” TV channel (the channel belongs to the runaway oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky) and honestly answered the hard questions of presenters.

When Zelensky was on the phone, Poroshenko invited him again to the debates. In the process of the verbal fight, the president made the competitor feel anxious, as a result, he began to swear and eventually hung up.

The conversation between the candidates in the studio was only about the forthcoming debates. Zelensky said he joined via phone because he was in Paris. The fact that on April 12 he met with President Macron was known beforehand. But while the candidates spoke, the journalists counted 13 more unknown flights of the presidential campaign favorite, the Newsroom telegram-channel writes.

As the TV investigation show “Skhemy” found out, for the last two years Zelensky made at least 11 flights to Geneva when oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky lived there but after his relocation to the suburbs of the capital of Israel – he made two flights to Tel-Aviv. In a while, Zelensky was followed by Kolomoisky’s attorney, Andrii Bohdan. The journalists also note that Zelensky repeatedly traveled by private planes with the oligarch’s business partners – Hennadiy Boholiubov, Surkis brothers, and Timur Mindich.

Zelensky himself refrained from commenting on these voyages to the ex-owner of Privatbank.

Supernova explosion on August 7, 2017

They are expected to meet in person already in Paris at the meeting with Emmanuel Macron. Meanwhile, our candidates are waging the war with the means of their PR managers, the takeover took place in Sudan. On April 11, as a result of the lengthy civil uprisings, the leadership of the national army ousted the incumbent president Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir and his government from power.

As known, Omar al-Bashir is accused by the International Criminal Court for committing military crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

On the one hand, the soldiers managed to oust the dictator, on the other – the citizens of the African country fear the bloody civil war. At a press conference, the Military Council noted that it was only acting on a temporary basis until a decision was found after the arrest of President Omar al-Bashir.

Also, the military promised that they would not interfere with the work of the new government.

Pope Francis appealed to President Salva Kiir, his former deputy Riek Machar, who became a leader of the rebels, and three other vice presidents, to respect the truce that they signed and pledged to establish a government next month.

Тиждень у призмі: президентська сеча, Путін у Києві та невдалі «дебати» в космічних знімках

SpaceX launch April 11, 2019

At the meantime, Falcon Heavy Rocket of a private company SpaceX successfully launched Arabsat-6A telecommunication satellite for Saudi Arabia, and its stages had successfully returned to Earth.

SpaceX aired live on its Youtube channel. This was the first commercial flight of the company. At the same time, the Israeli probe crashed on the Moon but still made a breakthrough.

Despite this, Beresheet became the first private lunar lander which circled the Moon and hit its surface even if not being whole.

The Prime-Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu who watched the process of landing promised that “we’ll come back there in two-three years”.

Where will Ukraine come back during this time? It’s unknown. We are hoping that not in the Black Hole Event Horizon, the first image of which has recently stirred up the whole world. It will become clear on April 21.

Kostyantyn Rul

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