Wednesday, 28 October

The EU Council has approved an updated gas directive that will regulate the supply of gas to Europe by sea gas pipelines and may prevent the implementation of the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2. The relevant decision was passed on Monday, April 15, according to the press service of the Council of the EU.

Now, this document will come into force 20 days after the publication of the decision in the official media of the European Union and will become binding on the territory of the EU.

The decisions were adopted almost unanimously. The only country that refrained from resolving was Bulgaria. The day before the decision was supported in the European Parliament.

It should be noted that the new gas directive stipulates that the gas supplier and the company providing the transportation must be separate. In other words, Gazprom should transfer “Nord Stream 2” to the management of another, unrelated company. The company itself should give free access to the pipeline not only to Gazprom, but also to other supplier companies. That is, Gazprom can not be the only company that uses the pipeline.

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