One-size-fits-all equation in one unknown

Now, while the second round of voting is approaching, people get frustrated. They quarrel, celebrate ahead of time and get upset but they do hope.  Least of all I would like to campaign for one of the two candidates.  I have already made my choice. No matter what the voting results might be I will explain why I voted precisely this way.  But it will come later.

I think that all these days we, people of lawful age have been equal. It is a one-size-fits-all equation where neither incomes nor age or education matter. In this one-size-fits-all, in this equation, there is still one unknown – and it is the future of Ukraine.

And to be honest, it worries me most of all – regardless of the fact who will lay his hand on the Constitution and give a presidential oath of loyalty to the country.

Any elections may give birth to hostility and a split in the country. And this tension can’t be soothed immediately after the voting results are declared.

I remember the waves of protests that gripped the United States after the election of Donald Trump. And now when his first term is coming to an end, the split in American society and emotional tension remain.

The totals of Brexit referendum led to the negative result. The discussions and arduous talks are still there. And I think the population of Great Britain today would have voted quite differently.

But what will happen to us? Formally the president is to become the President of all Ukrainians – those who voted for him and those who voted against him. But will the winner be able to immediately forget the battle of these days? Will he be able to forget and forgive the blames he received from the opposite side? And what is most important, will the former opponents be able to forgive one another? Will they be able to put up with the voting results? Will we have disturbances and protests?

How will the vote results affect the foreign policy of Ukraine?

Will we manage to keep on the track of European integration and join NATO? How will the election result affect the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Will we be able to get our prisoners of war back? Won’t the war grow worse? Regardless of the election results, we will still have to face these and other issues for quite a long period of time. Among those questions, it is extremely important for me to know whether the new (or the former) president is a person who will be able to unite the country. Because now, the first round vote results have revealed all the regional differences and heterogeneity of interests and aspirations of the Ukrainians. Those interests are not only heterogeneous – very often they are contradictory. And the seeds of separatism lie exactly in those contradictions…

Our neighbor to the North will take these contradictions to his advantage; he will raise the earth around those contradictions and grow our domestic problems.

The main task of psychotherapy is to overcome the split and to integrate personality. Could it be exactly the experience of practical psychotherapy that makes me think about the integration of our country? And one major unknown thing – the future of Ukraine – depends on it.

Boris Khersonsky

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