Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko stated that Russia and NATO had completely stopped civilian-military cooperation on the initiative of the Alliance. According to him, the North Atlantic Alliance is responsible for stopping cooperation.

“NATO itself has abandoned a positive agenda in relations with Russia. It ceased to exist,” said Grushko.

Grushko compared the current situation with the Cold War, while pointing out that “the current crisis in relations between Russia and NATO is the longest in history.”

According to him, Russia and NATO have differences on a number of fundamental issues, including violations of international law, the promotion of the alliance’s forces to the borders of the Russian Federation, the development of military infrastructure in the territories of the Allied countries.

“NATO has gone too far in pushing for confrontation with Russia, and yet it is not clear when and where prudence will take precedence,” said Grushko.

Recall that NATO’s practical cooperation with Russia ceased in 2014 due to the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Communication between the parties continued within the framework of the NATO-Russia Council meetings at the ambassadorial level.

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