This night, the attention of the entire world was attracted to the true tragedy – Notre-Dame cathedral was burning. The building burned inside and part of it collapsed but in France, there is no doubt: they will be able to restore Notre Dame. How Ukrainians responded to this fire – let’s have a look together.

Petro Poroshenko expressed the words of support to the President of France and the entire French people, adding that this cathedral is especially important for Ukrainians. According to the president, Holodomor services were held there and it was the place where Borys Gudziak was enthroned.

Borys Gudziak, a bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, assured that the world reaction proves: despite our rationalism, deconstruction, and desecration, the sanctity of the symbols is not lost.

Gudziak added that this shock is epochal and fatal. Our today’s fear and experience is a paradoxical comment, a response to the disposable culture and consumerism. It’s like, we are shocked that something eternal disappears, apart from our daily customs and reflexes.

Presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky also expressed condolences to Macron and the French, stressing that Notre-Dame is a whole stratum of world culture.

A writer Victoria Amelina noted that Notre-Dame de Paris was as a constant in the world, where everything changes very quickly. However, the author reminded that now in Ukraine there is also a risk of destruction of what was built in recent years.

Said Ismagilov, one of the Muslim spiritual leaders of Ukraine, emphasized that the words of sympathy should not only be addressed to France and Christians, but also to mankind as a whole because such great historical monuments are masterpieces that are considered a world heritage.

A writer Kateryna Kalytko is convinced that Notre-Dame de Paris will be rebuilt for sure but “such scars as this evening remain on the body of world culture for a long time.”

ATO veteran and blogger Roman Kulyk also agreed that the fire and destruction of the Cathedral was a tragedy for all mankind, but especially for the French, the Christians and the Western civilization.

A diplomat Markian Lubkivskyi is convinced that the rebuilding of the Cathedral will soon become a French dream, an idea that unites the nation, and an epoch of ascension is waiting for France.

However, far from all the comments and reactions were restrained and distant from politics. For example, Taras Berezovets, a journalist and political technologist, “joked” that “Macron was lucky that after the arrival of Zelensky only the Cathedral burned down.” However, such “jokes” immediately received an appropriate response: Isabelle Dumont, Ambassador of France in Ukraine, was outraged by Berezovets’s message and said that such words are a shame.

Today Berezovets published a huge post, in which he agreed that the joke was “beyond the line”, though he recalled jokes of Kvartal 95. He asked why the French President and the ambassador of Ukraine sat down at the negotiating table with Mr. Zelensky, the author of the jokes for which he would have lost his job in Europe a long time ago. In the end, the political technologist apologized, and removed the “ambiguous joke”.

An MP Iryna Podolyak sharply criticized those who tried to connect the tragedy of Notre-Dame to Ukrainian politics.

The press secretary of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Ivan Sydor urged people to help bring down the flames of hatred and hostility between themselves.

The deputy director of the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR, Aider Mudzhabayev, instead, reminded that the Russian occupation authorities are “restoring” the Khan cathedral in Crimea for the fifth year, which, according to the journalist, is even more unique than Notre-Dame.

Television host Natalia Fitsych said that the French billionaire promised to give part of his wealth to the restoration of the cathedral, adding that Ukraine lacks such oligarchs and such unity in times of trouble. After all, Parisians were praying all night around the Notre-Dame.

Reactions were collected and vicarious shame for Berezovets was felt by Stepan the Goat

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