Part of the relics, including the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ were saved from the burning Notre-Dame. This was announced by the rector of the cathedral Patrick Chauvet to Le Parisien.

“We saved the crown of thorns, the tunic of St. Louis. Inside, we also managed to save a few paintings, but it was impossible to help large canvases,” Chauvet said.

Firefighters managed to preserve the 850-year-old main stone structure of the Gothic building, including its two towers, but the spire and roof completely burned down and collapsed.

Notre Dame Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There were many paintings in the cathedral. Among them are the so-called “May”, that is, paintings that, in the 18th century, almost every year the corporation ordered jewelers in Paris until May 1. Several paintings were transferred to the Louvre around 1860.

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