After more than 9 hours of fire extinguishing, firefighters overcame a fire at the world-famous Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris, the front with two towers and part of the interior managed to save.

The perimeter around the cathedral is still surrounded, firefighters remain in place, but declare that the threat of re-ignition is no longer there.

The stone part of the cathedral survived after a fire. The 850-year-old stone building of the Gothic building, including the front and two towers, managed to save. There are remnants of burned structures in the Nephi, but the cross remained intact. In addition, the French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinot promised to transfer €100 million to help rebuild the Notre Dame of Paris after a massive fires. Several initiatives to raise funds for cathedral restoration have also been launched: French charity Fondation du Patrimoine has launched an international campaign calling for the rebuilding of an online platform in France and the United States for fundraising. French President Emmanuel Macron had previously said that “the worst was avoided,” and promised to restore the cathedral “in the coming years.”

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