In the electoral headquarters of the presidential candidate, Petro Poroshenko, they said that the results of sociological polls do not amaze them on the eve of the run-off, but domestic research by Poroshenko’s team shows a reduction of the gap between candidates. This was stated by Oleh Medvedev, the spokesman for Poroshenko’s election headquarters in an interview with BBC News Ukraine.

Medvedev to the question of whether Poroshenko’s headquarters conducts internal sociology and what it shows, said that the sociology published a week ago does not please Poroshenko’s team. According to him, the results of the polls forced Poroshenko’s headquarters to “triple the effort,” but the sociology Medvedev spoke of fixes the state of affairs at the time of the completion of the first round of elections.

“Internal studies that we have, they say that the gap is shrinking, that Zelensky is falling and we are growing,” Medvedev said in an interview on April 13.

The speaker added that the gap between Zelensky and Poroshenko is still big and much effort should be made to overcome it. He also told that Poroshenko’s team had no plan “B”, in case of defeat in the elections, and they count on victory.

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